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The Killer Fincher Netflix

4 facts about David Fincher’s new thriller

If you liked it Girl gone, fight club, Seven OR Millennium, you will enjoy it for months to come. Indeed, director David Fincher is back with a thriller that he promises will leave you breathless.

Looking forward to the highly anticipated release The killer and ahead of its presentation at the Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2023, Netflix has lifted the veil on the feature film’s first trailer. Intriguing without revealing much about the plot, this trailer has something to whet the appetite of all thriller lovers. Zoom in on everything we know The killer.

What is The Killer about?

“Stick to your plan” hammer the trailer of The killer. David Fincher’s new film invites us to follow a killer, cold and efficient (as he should be). However, after a near disaster, the henchman is psychologically weakened and appears to be suffering from a problem with his conscience. He will then fight himself and his employers in an international manhunt. According to him there is nothing personal.

The trailer suggests a psychological and tense thriller as we like and are used to with David Fincher. If the trailer tells us very little about the feature film, it is more than enough to leaven the mayonnaise and make us want to find out as soon as possible.

Is The Killer based on a work of literature?

David Fincher has wanted to make this film for 16 years, so we can’t help but be happy to finally discover him. Actually, The killer it has been announced since 2007 but it took some patience to see the project come to fruition.

The film adapts a French comic titled The killer, written by Matz and drawn by Luc Jacamon. This 13-volume series is a sure hit among fans of the genre. With Fincher at the helm, the graphic novel should benefit from an adaptation worthy of the name. Much better !

When does The Killer come out on Netflix?

A little more patience before you find out The killer. But after 16 years of waiting, there are almost two months to go. Thereby, The killer by David Fincher invites you to Netflix November 10, 2023. The lucky ones will be able to discover the film at the Venice Film Festival, where the film is in competition.

This is the director’s second film released exclusively on the N rouge platform, which has signed an exclusive contract with SVOD. In 2020, we could find out miss on Netflix.

What casting for The Killer?

In the lead role, that of the Nameless Killer, we find Michael Fassbender. We have already seen the actor Inglourious Basterds, Hunger, Twelve Years a Slave as well as in several films of the saga X-Men. Notably, she has received numerous awards for her multiple roles.

Even if lonely, the Killer should be well surrounded. Thus, Tilda Swinton (Okay ; The world of Narnia), Charles Parnell (Top Gun: nonconformist) or Arliss Howard (Full metal jacket) are in the game.



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