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Ferrari Adam Driver

4 things to know about Michael Mann’s upcoming film Crazy

In view of the presentation at the Venice Film Festival, Ferrari offers a first trailer. Biopic buffs with a passion for cars should be delighted. Ferrari seems to have all the ingredients to seduce viewers. After this first taste, the confirmation that we may be entitled to a masterpiece.

So now is the perfect time to take stock Ferrarithe film that will focus on the famous Enzo Ferrari through the eyes of Michael Mann.

What intrigue for Ferrari?

We warn you: Ferrari it is not destined to return All the life of Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari no longer necessarily needs an introduction. As a result, director Michael Mann decides to focus on three crucial months in the life and career of the former pilot. During the summer of 1957, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy, Enzo Ferrari leads a double life, his marriage is failing and he has to deal with the recent death of his son. He then decided to stake everything on a single race: the Mille Miglia.

The trailer of Ferrari it is enough to leave us speechless. The director chose to show us and not tell us. We are therefore entitled only to the particular noise of the engines and to a phrase by Enzo Ferrari: “If you get on one of my cars, it’s to win” to conclude this trailer. No need to make a fuss, this trailer reveals just enough to tickle us without saying too much about the plot and the film in general. And we like that.

Who will play Enzo Ferrari?

While Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman were considered in the lead role Ferrari, Adam Driver was ultimately chosen. The actor will therefore have the difficult task of interpreting Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s new feature film. For the occasion, the actor (who perhaps had a predestined name for this role) is almost unrecognizable in the role of the Italian industrialist and former racing driver.

At his side, Penélope Cruz will play Laura Ferrari while Shaileene Woodley has been chosen to play Lina Lardi, the two women in Enzo Ferrari’s life.

When and where to see Ferrari?

Presented at the Venice Film Festival, the film Ferrari will not be entitled to general release in dark rooms. And it’s really a shame. If the feature film opens in select theaters for Christmas, it will primarily stream directly to Prime Video. To date SVOD has not provided any specific release date. However, we should find Ferrari for the end of year celebrations. Or, at best, to celebrate the new year.

A director who bodes well

Ultimate quality commitment Ferrari ? Its director. Michael Mann has accustomed us to using excellent films and this new work should be no exception. After Wings, The Last of the Mohicans OR Heat, the director has already shown us the extent of his talent. So we can only hope so Ferrari make us forget the failure of his last film, piratereleased in 2015.


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