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5 news that will change everything at the beginning of the school year

  • WhatsApp offers voice chats and group call scheduling
  • Images and videos can now be shared in HD
  • THE identification keys they’re coming to iPhone, just like screen sharing on Android

By studying the recent improvements of WhatsApp in beta version, we can guess what all the main news will be for September. On both iOS and Android, the developer (Meta) is preparing to make discussions more efficient than ever. Let’s take stock of these changes, eagerly awaited by the more than two billion users of the platform worldwide.

1 – Voice chats: what are they?

To start with, WhatsApp is currently working on voice chat rooms. Unlike group calls, this feature allows anyone along the way to join the conversation. A notification informs the user of the start of the exchange, more discreet than a ringtone.

As often with WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption is included here as well.

2 – Arrival of images and videos in HD

With this, WhatsApp now offers the sending of images and videos in high definition. However, this remains optional and those who wish can continue to send compressed documents. With the distinct advantage of faster sending, especially when the network is rather poor: in the countryside, in the mountains, etc.

3 – The identification keys on the iPhone

Previously called Access codes from Apple, the identification keys allow you to authenticate using Face ID or the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. According to developers, including Google, this solution is more secure than two-factor authentication. It is also an alternative to passwords, which are easier to hack.

4 – Screen sharing

Particularly appreciated by professionals who see it as an excellent alternative to Zoom, WhatsApp screen sharing also comes to mobile. There is a relatively simple method to take advantage of it, if you have received the corresponding update.

Screen sharing

5 – Schedule a group call

Finally, you should know that WhatsApp is currently testing the scheduling of group calls, always separate from voice channels. Here you can choose the name of your “event”, the day it will take place and the exact start time.

Participants who wish to join the call will be able to specify it and will be notified fifteen minutes in advance. Provided, of course, that the related warnings have not been previously deactivated from the settings.

Whatsapp messengers


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