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6 tablets perfect for back to school

6 tablets perfect for back to school

Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: almost a laptop

Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

You have no limits? Then the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will make you happy. Samsung’s latest tablet is undoubtedly one of excesses. Giant (14” screen), looks like a laptop as soon as you add a keyboard case.

Like the iPad Pro, it stands out for its phenomenal power, its sublime screen and its good battery life. The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is the last Android tablets.

Samsung has also taken care of redesigning its interface to offer a PC mode inspired by its famous DeX. Simply put, you can choose to navigate the software with an interface that is closer to that of a computer than that of a tablet. Perfect for improving your productivity.

Inevitably, this great tablet comes at an equally impressive price. Count more than 1,100 euros. gloop.

iPad Pro: a benchmark


It’s hard to miss the iPad Pro, Apple’s most advanced tablet to date. Not quite a replacement for the Mac but not quite a tablet either, the iPad Pro seamlessly combines the power of a computer (thanks to the Apple Silicon chip) with the usability of a tablet.

The iPad Pro can do it all, even more so if you equip it with an Apple Pencil and a Magic Keyboard (or any other keyboard-trackpad combo out there). A point of reference that is worth gold (from 1,069 euros all the same) and which therefore reserves it for an audience with financial means and/or professionals. It’s called Pro after all, right?

iPad 10: Apple’s cheapest


If your budget is more modest but you absolutely want an iPad, then the iPad 10 is the model for you. Propose from 589 eurosit is the ideal companion to combine a comfortable multimedia experience and productivity.

This new generation stands out for its more advanced screen and its varied colours. Its A14 Bionic chip is always efficient and its autonomy is excellent. Added to this is Apple Pencil compatibility and the Magic Folio keyboard case. What a great way to start the new school year.

If the iPad 10 is still a bit expensive, the iPad 9 is a great alternative. Even if it is a little bigger, it remains a valid model, provided you don’t expect too much from it either.

Finally, if your finances are a little more comfortable, the iPad Air 5 imposes itself in our eyes as the best compromise between performance, design and price.

Xiaomi Pad 6 – perfect for your teenager

Xiaomi Pad6 screen

Known for its products with excellent value for money, Xiaomi launched the Pad 6 this summer, a tablet sold for less than 500 euros. And what a tablet!

If you’re looking for an affordable yet versatile tablet for yourself or your boyfriend, you’ll be delighted with this Xiaomi Pad 6. Behind its sleek design, this 10-inch tablet benefits from a gorgeous screen and comfortable battery life.

Its performance allows it to do practically everything: play games, work, watch videos, surf the web. Not to spoil anything, even the interface, inspired by you-know-who, is one of the strong points of this fantastic tablet. A must for this 2023 school year.

Google Pixel Tab: the family tablet

Pixel tablet station

This year, Google launched its first tablet under the Pixel brand. While it’s not perfect, this first attempt turns out to be quite interesting, provided you take the Pixel Tab for what it is: a family device.

In fact, rather than playing the individuality or productivity card, Google has chosen to put the tablet back at the center of the home. Thus, once fixed (thanks to a magnetic system) to its speaker position, Pixel Tab becomes a Google Nest. Become the nerve center of your home’s multimedia and home automation experience.

Pick it up from its station and it becomes a tablet again. There you will be able to enjoy a device powerful enough for office tasks, web browsing or multimedia, all in an interface developed by Google.

Although a bit expensive given its features, the Pixel Tab remains a highly recommendable tablet for this start of the 2023 school year.

iPad mini: one of a kind

iPad mini 6 grip review

How could we miss the iPad mini? The smallest tablet on the market is also one of the most attractiveprovided you clearly identify your needs.

Don’t imagine writing long texts on its small screen or even making video montages. On the other hand, the mobile multimedia experience is very pleasant (particularly playing on the go with an adapter and controller, take the Playstation Portal one).

The iPad mini is also arguably the best tablet for taking notes. You’ll need to purchase an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus, though. Just enough to weigh down an already somewhat salty bill as regards the technical data sheet. But if this tablet is for you, you will never be disappointed.

So much for our selection of the best tablets for the start of the school year. Of course, there are other alternatives, so don’t hesitate to give us your little favorites in the comments.


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