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after the massive data leak, what do you risk?

after the massive data leak, what do you risk?

  • A service provider in Pôle emploi has been the victim of a breach of its information system
  • The personal data of almost ten million people are affected
  • If this incident does not affect the compensation, scam attempts are feared in the future

It was through a rather discreet press release that Pôle emploi announced the bad news on Wednesday. The public operator explains yes “Aware of the breach of the information system of one of its service providers, which entails the risk of disclosure of the personal data of job seekers”.

Specifically, the company in question, Majorel, is responsible for processing the documents sent by people registered in the Pôle emploi. What is striking in this case is that we are dealing with the personal data of at least ten million people registered with Pôle emploi. In detail, these are subjects registered in the Pôle emploi in February 2022 plus all those who at that date had ceased to register for less than 12 months.

Job seekers are invited to be supervised

Among the potentially present information we find names, first names and social security numbers of users, explains Pôle emploi. Their email addresses, phone numbers, passwords and bank details, however, have not been reached.

The main question that worries these millions of French people remains: what are the risks? The operator wants to be rather reassuring and specifies that the compensation will not be affected by this accident, as will the support for job seekers. Those affected by the data leak will be notified via email shortly.

In any case, Pôle emploi warns interested parties and invites them to: “remain vigilant in the face of any type of approach or proposal that may appear fraudulent. » If this data falls into the wrong hands, it is likely that cybercriminals will try to use it to carry out scam attempts.

There has also been an increase in phishing attempts recently. Thus, scammers could pose as Pôle emploi to ask their targets to reveal their bank details.

There would be nothing surprising in this as these malevolent actors stop at no pretext to act. Yesterday, for example, we revealed how cybercriminals took advantage of the heat wave to launch their phishing campaigns. You can also read our article on this topic here.

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