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Agile and powered by GPT's AI, this robot dog retails for $1,600

Agile and powered by GPT’s AI, this robot dog retails for $1,600

Here is Go2 by Unitree, a low cost quadrupedal robot very inspired by the Spot dog robot. It even knows how to chat and reprogram itself thanks to an artificial intelligence.

We know the skill of dogdog Boston Dynamics Spot robots. This spectacularly capable robot costs around $75,000. Suffice to say, he’s not really destined to be Mr. Everyman’s sidekick. But, for $1,600, here’s the Go2 from Chinese Unitree.

For this price, the robot has potential that makes it look a lot like the famous Spot. Like man’s best friend, the robot can accompany you during your jogging session and even transform into a gymnast. With its structure in aluminumaluminum AND plasticplastic up resistenceresistence, the robot weighs about 15 kilos and is 40 centimeters high and 70 centimeters long. It is capable of carrying just over 7 kilos of cargo. Its autonomy is one or two hours. If there is a Go in version 2, it means that there was a previous one. The new robot has a LiDARLiDAR super wide-angle and HD cameras to map the environment and move in real time. It can therefore avoid obstacles and adapt to difficult terrain. THE stairsstairs it does not frighten him, as well as large stones or poorly paved roads.

The Spot robot in a low cost version

To leap, dance on two legs and perform somersaults like Spot, the motors that drive his limbs have been upgraded and he gains 30% more torque than his predecessor. And that’s not all, because this Go2 can also make conversation. To speak, this robot dog simply integrates the well-known GPT language model. It is therefore what one might call a dogbot. He doesn’t just converse about weather reportweather report currently it can also generate code to program new functions that might be useful to answer your questions.

In this impressive video, the Go2 robot shows off his gymnastic skills. ©Unitree

The basic robot is sold starting at $1,600 but, for this doped versionTO THETO THE and to have a talking dog it costs 3,050 dollars not including shipping costs. To give him new abilities, he can be enhanced with accessories, such as a robotic arm and gripper, various lenses and cameras.


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