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Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy

Amazon CEO criticizes remote workers, telling them to leave the company

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy predicted remote workers in the company for their reluctance to return to the office.

According to the recording of an internal meeting obtained from Business InsiderJassy reportedly indicated that those unwilling to comply with the company’s office mandate should consider looking for work elsewhere.

Amazon was one of the first companies to implement a widespread back-to-office mandate after pandemic-related restrictions were eased, but workers were far from happy with the ruler’s decisions.

Does the Amazon CEO hate remote work?

Second Business InsiderJassy said: “It’s past the time to disagree and engage…and if you can’t disagree and engage, I understand so too, but it probably won’t work for you at Amazon because we’ll be back in the office at at least three days a week.”

Jassy went on to stress that “it’s not fair that all of our team mates are there three days a week and people are refusing to do it.”

During the meeting, Jassy also reportedly revealed that he had spoken to 60-80 other CEOs, most of whom agreed with the restoration of office-based structures.

The company has been tracking US-based employees who don’t show up to the office often enough since at least mid-August, along with other tech companies like Apple.

Earlier this summer, nearly 2,000 workers pledged to protest the company’s paperwork rules along with other concerns, including progress on climate policies. Amazon later told us only about 300 workers followed suit.

tech Radar Pro asked Amazon for comment on its ongoing struggles in the WFH industry, but we did not immediately hear back.

through Business Insider


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