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An app for all gardeners to help them grow plants successfully

An app for all gardeners to help them grow plants successfully

Whether you are a novice, amateur or expert gardener, the composition of a garden always requires a lot of thought and advice to create and maintain its green oasis. Limit your failures with this application that will help you get green hands!

Cultivating a garden, whether fruity, vegetable or ornamental, requires advice and knowledge to succeed in this green adventure. As well as proving his experience with the help of recommendations from friends, neighbors, magazines or websites InternetInternetit is possible to be accompanied by a applicationapplicationa tool for planting and maintaining your garden.

Design your garden

Whether it is an existing garden, to be built entirely or to be restructured continuously with the planting of perennials, shrubs, treestrees or other plants, the work to be done remains boring. Choosing a plant and maintaining it is not a simple exercise! We must take into account the exposure, the quality of the soil, the environment, the environment climateclimate of the region and the criteria for the cultivation of plants. Despite these essential criteria, 63% of gardeners interviewed, in a Promise of Flowers survey (2021), lose an average of 1 in 10 plants, and 46%, that is almost one in 2 gardeners, who lostlost plantations. Which confirms that it is not easy to plant plants 100% successfully! Cultivation advice is therefore essential for planting suitable plants for your garden.

A custom app

From this fallfall 2021, a free and easy-to-use application launched by Promesse de fleurs, the French online plant specialist, will help you pamper your green corner.

From the type of garden or terrace that you will insert in the application, and with the questionnaire (type of soil, climatic zone, exposure to windwindexposure to SunSun, etc.) as well as your gardener profile (frequency and time spent), the Plantfit algorithm will be able to recommend the most suitable trees, plants or shrubs for your garden environment, among 18,000 plant varieties. You will also learn about unsuitable plants and have the details to properly install the plants in your garden.

Once you have entered these parameters concerning your garden, your terrace or your balcony), your skills in questionquestion gardening, all combined with climate data that traces the 80-year history of more than 550 Météo-France stations, the application will provide you with all the keys to successfully cultivate your green corner and provide you with personalized advice. You will feel like you are trained and to obtain qualified advice on maintaining and cultivating your ornamental garden or terrace.

The anti-waste garden

Once the choice of favorite plants has been installed in the garden but which, unfortunately, do not correspond at all to the place, the climate, or the soil and end up vegetating and then dying. With Plantfit you will be able to see on all the recommended product sheets according to the criteria you have entered, whether or not a plant is suitable for your bed and why. If you really have a crush on a plant that isn’t entirely suitable for your garden or terrace, Plantfit will offer you advice on growing it and may go so far as to advise against it. You can also raise a disagreement with the diagnosticdiagnostic data from the application to evolve the algorithms.

For each recommended plant you will have the right cultivation advice on irrigation, fertilization, pruning and many other things to do. No more water in quantity or too little that does not correspond to the needs of a plant, no more excessive supply of fertilizers, become an eco-responsible gardener, beginner, apprentice or confirmed.

Before dedicating yourself to gardening, think about Plantfit to choose the right plants for your green space and avoid unpleasant surprises. Gardening can begin with this digital adventure before you even put your hands in the dirt! Thus, gardening will remain one of the favorite hobbies of the French by approaching 100% success and above all by cultivating sustainably, respecting the specific parameters of each plant to enjoy it for many years.

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