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Apple Watch Ultra in use on wrist and on table

Apple Watch Ultra 2: latest rumors and everything we know so far

THE Apple Watch Ultra it’s Apple’s largest and most powerful wearable, and one of our top picks for best smart watch you can buy now. So when can we expect the Apple Watch Ultra 2 to arrive and how will it improve on the original?

According to rumors from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will launch 18 new products in the next twelve months and, of course, new Apple Watches are planned. Two models of Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

That’s good news considering we heard earlier this year that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 might not arrive until 2024 or even 2025. Although we don’t have any official details yet on what the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will look like. , the same rumors suggest that it will have an even larger 2.1-inch screen than the current Apple Watch Ultra.

It could also switch from the OLED screen of the original to microLED technology. But industry experts suggest that development will come later with the Apple Watch Ultra 3 or Apple Watch Ultra 4.

Details about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 may be scarce, but in the guide below, we’ve rounded up all the big rumors, as well as some of our best predictions on what to expect from Apple’s next high-end wearable.

Come to the point

  • What is that? The next high-end Apple Watch
  • When does it come out? Maybe September 12th
  • How much will it cost? Probably at least $799 / £849 / AU$1,229

Apple Watch Ultra 2 release date

The Apple logo turns to dust

(Image credit: Apple)

We had reason to believe we might not see an Apple Watch Ultra 2 until 2024 or even 2025. But with the next Apple event taking place on September 12, we have a feeling we might see the Apple Watch Ultra 2 be revealed then, together with the Apple Watch 9.

The event is titled “Wonderlust,” which may suggest that the event will focus on adventure and exploration, and thus be well set up for a new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 price

There’s no word yet on how much the Apple Watch Ultra 2 might cost, but for reference the original Apple Watch Ultra costs $799 / £849 / AU$1,229, so the next model is likely to cost at least as much.

If anything, though, the price could rise, especially if we don’t see it for a couple of years. A report from View Supply Chain Consultants (through Forbes) suggests exactly that, citing new display technology as the cause.

However, at least with the current model there is only one configuration, so if this also applies to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, then you won’t have to pay ever higher prices for more storage space or the like.

Apple Watch Ultra with yellow band in use on the wrist and on the table

The Apple Watch Ultra is already very expensive at $799 / £849 / AU$1229. (Image credit: EliteViser)

Apple Watch Ultra 2 news and leaks

If you thought the Apple Watch Ultra was big, with its 1.92-inch screen, then you haven’t seen anything yet, as the future Apple Watch Ultra could have an even bigger screen, according to a leak.

This comes from DigiTimeswho claims (via tech/next-gen-apple-watch-ultra-may-boast-an-even-larger-display/” target=”_blank” data-url=””>BGR extension) that in 2024 Apple will release a version of the Apple Watch Ultra with a 2.1-inch screen. It will also apparently use micro-LED display technology, rather than OLED.

The latter change would potentially make the screen brighter, able to show more vibrant colors, and easier to see at an angle than the current OLED display. According to a January 2023 report by Mark Gurman – a reputable leaker – who makes the same claim about micro-LEDs, this would make the display look almost as if it were painted on top of glass; a saying we’ve heard related to previous Apple products, when the company offered its first iPad with a fully laminated display in 2014’s iPad Air 2.

As for the size increase, going from 1.92 inches to 2.1 inches might not seem dramatic, but for reference the Apple Watch 8 only has a 1.69 inch screen and we noted in our review of the ‘Apple Watch Ultra that can feel gigantic when on the go. compared to an older and smaller model. So a further increase in size is certainly considerable.

Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as we consider the Ultra’s display to be a strong point overall, with its large size making it easy to interact with and clear to see.

As for the possibility of that happening, well, that seems pretty likely. As noted above, the micro-LED bit is being rumored elsewhere as well, with analyst Jeff Pu (via MacRumors) recently made the exact same claim to DigiTimes; regarding both size and technological changes.

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That said, for an Apple Watch Ultra micro-LED we will have to wait even longer than 2024, because Ross Young of the aforementioned DSCC (which has a good track record) said in a tweet that won’t happen until 2025; citing a report from the expected micro-LED supplier that mentions 2025 as when it will start getting substantial revenue from the technology.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll wait until 2025 or even 2024 for an Apple Watch Ultra 2, it could instead mean that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 or 4 will get these updates.

Another update we could see in a future Apple Watch Ultra model is the addition of a camera. Over the years Apple has obtained various patents for Apple Watches with cameras, the most recent one in which the camera is located on the bottom of the device and paired with a band that allows you to easily remove the watch body from said band when you want to take it with you. a photo.

However, many patents are never used for commercial devices, so we wouldn’t count on seeing it, and if it does, there’s no real indication that this system will be ready in time for the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Finally, the titanium mechanical parts of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 are said to be made using a 3D printing process, which should save Apple some money, although whether those savings will be passed on to the consumer remains to be seen.


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