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Are you waiting for the rollable Samsung Galaxy?  You will have to be very patient

Are you waiting for the rollable Samsung Galaxy? You will have to be very patient

  • While it has already managed to democratize foldable smartphones, Samsung would now be interested in smartphones with a roll-up screen
  • The manufacturer could launch the first roll-up smartphone in 2025, the source says
  • This would be a device with a sensor hidden under the screen and whose borders around the screen would be non-existent

As one of the leading suppliers of smartphone screens, Samsung is constantly exploring new formats. And if it already sells appliances with folding screens, it is also interested in roll-up screens. However, smartphones that take advantage of this innovation won’t arrive before 2025.

In any case, this is what an article published by Sammobile’s colleagues suggests, reporting “Revengenus”, source of the social network X (formerly Twitter). According to this source, Samsung will start mass production of its rollable screen smartphones in 2025. This device would have an “improved” hidden camera sensor under the screen and would have no borders around the screen.

But of course, since this information does not come from an official source, it should be viewed with extreme caution for the time being. What is certain, however, is that sooner or later Samsung will launch a smartphone with a rollable screen.

The prototypes have already been presented

Indeed, if Samsung has not yet launched a smartphone with a rollable screen, Samsung Display (its division dedicated to screens) has already developed prototypes using this technology. Additionally, rollable (or stretchable) screens should also be used by other form factors, such as tablets or PCs.

It’s also possible that Samsung offers devices with “hybrid” screens, one part of which folds down, while the other part rolls up. In all cases, the advantage is that of having a relatively compact product, but whose screen surface can be extended.

Otherwise, in the near future, Samsung may launch more affordable foldable smartphones, so that this technology will become even more popular. Sources suggest that budget versions of Samsung’s foldable smartphones could arrive in 2024.

And at the same time Samsung is also working on foldable tablets. An official of the Korean giant has already announced it during an interview.


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