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At the age of 15, he created an open source telephone, to be assembled by himself, for 30 euros

At the age of 15, he created an open source telephone, to be assembled by himself, for 30 euros

At just 15 years old, Gabriel Rochet has succeeded in creating his own mobile phone at a ridiculously low price: 30 euros. With just a soldering iron, an oven and some parts ordered on the Internet, you can assemble your own Paxo Phone at home.

What were you doing when you were 15? Gabriel Rochet, meanwhile, from a young age designed his own telephone. He describes himself as an electronics and programming enthusiast. THE Paxo telephone it is a mobile phone with components that cost him 30 euros. Better still, the young inventor published the blueprints, the code SoftwareSoftware and also the models3D printing3D printing so you can make one at home.

Obviously, this is not a smart phonesmart phone Android with camera and processorprocessor Super fast. It doesn’t even allow access social networkssocial networks nor to messagingmessaging of the WhatsApp type, an absence presented as an advantage, freeing the user from his dependence on the giants of the web. The Paxo phone works by itself operating systemoperating system paxos_8 reduced to essential functions: calls, messages, contacts, calculator, clock (with alarms and stopwatchstopwatch), calculator and GPSGPS. It also offers two games: the famous Snake (which was notably featured on Nokia phones from 1998) and 2048.

An open source assembly that requires few tools

This is the fourth version of the Paxo phone, this one being much smaller than the previous ones. The heart of the device is an ESP32 microcontroller with two 240 MHz cores. It uses a SIM800L to connect to the 2G network. However, it should be noted that operators will close 2G networks and 3G3G from 2025. The transition to 4G risks increasing the price and complexity of the phone. The Paxo Phone features a 320 x 480 pixel touchscreen and uses a microSD card for storage.

All assembly instructions are written on the spot and require an oven or heat gun. airair hot, as well as ironiron welding. The case can be 3D printed or ordered online. The inventor also plans to post a video on YouTube detailing the assembly.

The budding young engineer also plans to post details of other DIY projects: a Peltier lamp, battery tester, case, electric motor, multi-environment sensor, and optical music transmitter.


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