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A lone wanderer in Starfield

Bethesda has hired a Skyrim and Fallout 4 modder to work on Starfield

A prominent modder well known for her Skyrim AND Fallout 4 mods revealed that she was hired by Bethesda to be one of the Star fieldthe artists of “illumination and disorder”.

As a PC gamer relationships, Emmi Junkkari, better known online as Elianora, has gained fame in the gaming community for her modifications and, in particular, for her house and outfits. On Nexus Mods, the number of downloads accumulated by Junkkari’s work speaks for itself, and the most popular of hers is “Eli’s Armor Compendium” for Fallout 4 (at the time of writing it has been downloaded more than three million times).

Junkkari announced his involvement Star field in a statement on Twitter: “I was just pretending every time I said I didn’t have a clue what Star field would be and what Bethesda could do,” he wrote. Actually… I cleaned up some of that mess myself I’m part of this game.

“The only thing ‘real’ in all this time has been my hype level,” he continued. “When we watched the Direct together I was excited, for the game but also because I saw how much everyone was going to love the game and how much everyone already loves it.

“Now I can admit to the community that I am a Star field developer. Bethesda hired me as a light and clutter artist to work with Star field.”

Fans they congratulated Junkkari: “This makes me so incredibly happy. I have been following your mod content for years and to see you living your dreams as a Bethesda developer is so heartwarming. Congratulations El”, one tweeted. “Is fantastic. It’s amazing that we all get to explore this new game that you helped create. Keep it up,” another he wrote.

Aside from his official involvement, Junkkari has also done so teased which already has “a ton” of mods planned for the game, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Even though Starfield is available to play in Early Access now, it will be made available to all on September 6 – be sure to check out our Starfield pre-order guide if you are looking to buy it. You can also check out our list of upcoming games to see what else is coming soon.


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This Domain is For Sale