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Beyond the diet, it is the whole Mediterranean lifestyle that is good for health

Beyond the diet, it is the whole Mediterranean lifestyle that is good for health

The Mediterranean diet is known to be beneficial to health, but Harvard experts have also shown that all lifestyle habits practiced in the Mediterranean area reduce the risk of death.

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world, but Experts from Harvard Medical University say so, it’s not just the food that counts: the Mediterranean lifestyle as a whole reduces the risk of mortality and cancer. ” This study suggests that it is possible for non-Mediterranean populations to adopt this diet with local products and this lifestyle within their own culture. “, explained Mercedes Sotos-Pietro, head of the research team behind this study, in a press release.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet seen at the cellular level

The Mediterranean lifestyle is beneficial for health

In fact, the study was conducted among English, Welsh and Scottish people who don’t necessarily have a Mediterranean lifestyle or diet. The 110,000 participants, aged between 40 and 75, answered an online questionnaire in which they informed whether their diet and lifestyle habits corresponded to those of the Mediterranean lifestyle such as the consumption of fruit and vegetables in large quantities , naps, frequent social interactions, etc.

Harvard scientists and their colleagues at the Autonomous University of Madrid analyzed more than nine years of data and estimated the risk of death and cancer among the volunteers. According to them, people who reported eating and lifestyle habits more in line with the Mediterranean diet were 29% less likely to die (of any cause) and 28% less likely to die of complications than a cancer than those who do not follow the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean lifestyle.

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