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By releasing this new free bonus, Fortuneo will crush French banks

Here’s an exclusive offer for our Lemon Squeezer readers. From August 24th to September 7th, Fortuneo offers you a bonus of 160 euros to open a free account – associated with a free Gold Mastercard. This is double the usual bonus available on the site. To activate this easy bonus you will need to use the code FTN0823 on the dedicated page (via the button below).

Take advantage of the Fortuneo offer

The procedure to receive these 160 euros takes only a few minutes, and it’s all free. Fortuneo is the only French online bank to offer all its bank cards free – and its current account too. It is the first time that the bank has offered such a high bonus to its new customers: the start of the school year is always an important moment and she wants to take advantage of it.

Fortuneo offers a wide range of cards

At Fortuneo you have access to a range of cards equivalent to that of a traditional bank. The vast majority of customers opt for the Gold Mastercard: it offers the perfect compromise between quality of service and ease of access. It will simply be necessary to justify 1800 euros net per month to access this card. This is the only condition to receive the 160 euro bonus.

If you can’t justify such a regular income, you’ll have to resort to the Phospho card: it doesn’t require any minimum income – and it’s not that far off the Gold in terms of benefits. You simply won’t get the deferred charge, maximum limits and guarantees of gold. That said, you can take advantage of the total absence of fees on payments and withdrawals abroad, for example. Please note that the prize will then only be 70 euros.

Take advantage of the Fortuneo offer

Other credit cards are available at Fortuneo, such as Mastercard’s World Elite (equivalent to Visa Infinite) or American Express cards. The bank is the most advanced of all online banks when it comes to payments. Note that it is also compatible with most mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In addition to bank cards, Fortuneo also offers all the classic products of a bank: consumer and real estate loans, savings accounts and life insurance, stock exchange, etc. If you want, you can make it your primary bank. Having said that, he doesn’t oblige you to do anything: you can very well use his ad hoc credit card and that’s it.

Gold Mastercard free

Black paper available

Abroad: 100% free

Excellent ass life

Current profile


Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: €0

Eurozone withdrawals: free • Eurozone payments: free

Withdrawals in foreign currency: free • Payments in foreign currency: free

Proposed cards

mobile payment



A double bonus for the start of the school year

In 2023, Fortuneo is officially the cheapest bank in France (second Price Bank). It’s normal: most people don’t have bank charges: the card is free and the account is free. Compared to the average French who pays 220 euros in bank charges a year, the economy is huge. Above all, you have a free Gold card at your disposal, which, however, is charged separately in traditional banks.

And to this, Fortuneo also adds 160 euros of bonuses in the form of a welcome bonus. It really is the pinnacle of generosity: he wouldn’t need it to attract people. However, he knows that offering such a bonus will facilitate the number of subscriptions (and they are right to take advantage of it). It is the most generous bonus on the market and it is the easiest to claim.

If you’ve had the opportunity to look around a bit, the other online banks all offer welcome bonuses (about 80 euros). That said, no one allows you to have as large an amount as Fortuneo, and no one offers such flexible terms. Here, you just need to perform 5 trades within 90 days to receive the bonus. It doesn’t require you to pay a monthly fee, domicile funds, or migrate banking products from your current bank to it.

These 160 euro bonuses are not all! There is a second very advantageous bonus for those who have capital to invest: the bank offers an exceptional rate of 5% per annum gross on its savings account. This rate is valid only for the first 4 months and up to the limit of 100,000 euros. There is no other bank on the market that performs so well. That’s a higher rate than Livret A, which is pretty crazy in the current environment. A year ago the rate was 0.5% gross per annum: it is therefore 10 times higher.

To receive the maximum bonus you must enter the code FTN0823 here:

Take advantage of the Fortuneo offer


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