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Customizable design furniture, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular

Customizable design furniture, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular

Furnishing one’s interiors with taste and not just out of necessity has become the norm. One of the trends for many families is undoubtedly customization, which allows you to feel good at home having an interior decoration that satisfies all your desires. Focus on this essential trend in decor!

What is meant by “personalization” of furniture? The latter perform not only the functional rolethey also occupy youcentral place in the aesthetics of your living room, dining room, kitchen, office, bedroom or even garden. Personalization is the possibility of making your furniture custom-made to have a unique piece that looks like you in your home.

From design to customization

The design has always been reinvented at all times to bring a touch of novelty. Among the illustrious decades we remember the years 1920-1940, in which the Art Deco furniture was revealed in connection with the evolution of the Art of the time. The 1950s gave way to the mass production of furniture to meet the needs of the mass consumer society. The 60s and 70s, when new materials came to dress furniture, such as plastic, followed by the new uses of this leading material. A decade that also saw the birth of ergonomic furniture that adapted to the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of its users.

Thus design was able to evolve and adapt to the needs of its time. In the 21st century the trend is unquestionably towards personalisation. This is underlined by the 4 Pieds brand, which has made it its specialty through its large collection of customizable tables, chairs and stools.

The 4 Pieds brand has made the customization of tables, chairs and stools its specialty@4 ft

Endless creative possibilities with 4 legs

Furniture brand 4 Pieds is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. He has made design and customizable decoration his forte, with the aim of allowing his customers to feel good in their interiors. The collection proposed by 4 Pieds is essentially designed in France and Europe, a know-how that proves to be a guarantee of quality. It illustrates the infinite possibilities of styles, trends, colors and materials to offer great freedom of choice.

On the occasion of its anniversary, 4 Pieds thanked all those who have contributed to its longevity through beautiful surprises to discover in stores and on the market. The event concluded on April 11th. Every day it was possible to win a gift, or more than 40,000 euros in prizes! The furniture brand thus made it possible to win customizable tables, chairs and stools from the biggest French and European brands, as well as gift vouchers. As a bonus, 4 Pieds offers a great promotion of -20% on the entire collection to satisfy all decorating wishes.

The icing on the cake, the furniture brand makes available on its website a furniture configurator, practical for designing yourself with the furniture you imagine, whether modern, Scandinavian or vintage.

Article created in collaboration with the 4Pieds team.

Did you know ?

That is: a customizable piece of furniture is, by definition, more expensive than a mass-produced model. The fact that the furniture is made to order and therefore by hand explains the price difference. The economy of scale is therefore necessarily different. However, many customizable templates remain accessible to all budgets! The care taken in their construction generally allows you to have a piece of furniture that lasts over time.



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