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CyberGhost takes on the competition with an unbeatable offer

If you’re into VPNs, chances are you’re familiar with CyberGhost. We remind you that VPNs are computer security software that guarantee online anonymity and privacy. They are also very popular for their ability to counter geo-blocking.

And in this area CyberGhost is one of the best. Right now it is showing a unique promotion. The publisher is offering 82% off and 2 months free on its 2-year subscription. It is therefore accessible for €56.94 for 26 months, which is equivalent to only €2.19 per month.

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What CyberGhost does for your online freedom

One benefit of VPNs that many internet users like is the freedom they offer online. CyberGhost is also a benchmark for this usage. The publisher currently has more than 9,000 servers worldwide, spread across a total of 91 different countries. This will then offer you the ability to connect virtually in each of these countries.

As ? By simply selecting the territory you prefer from its interface. From now on your IP address will be changed, in order to locate you in the desired country. You will then be able to unlock all types of geo-blocked content without having to move or undergo complicated technical manipulations.

This applies to TV channels, Netflix catalogues, game servers or even foreign websites. CyberGhost’s excellent browsing speeds add to the quality of service, ensuring smooth browsing under all circumstances.

The publisher also offers optimized servers for streaming, gaming or even downloading torrents. The big plus is that your whole family will be able to take advantage of it, because a subscription to this publisher entitles you to 7 simultaneous connections.

You can also help your friends without paying more. What’s more, the vendor’s current offering also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee to have your back and 24/7 customer support. for the equivalent of €2.19 per month (€56.94 for 26 months)you’ll agree, it’s worth the detour.

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The optimal security provided by the software

As we said above, VPNs are online security software. And this mission of protection, CyberGhost takes very seriously. To do this, it will encrypt your connection from end to end, so that no one can read your browsing data. For this it uses the AES-256 algorithm, the most powerful currently in existence.

But that is not all. This editor also hides your IP address without manifesting any information leakage. This action will effectively hide your identity, but also your location, among other things. And thanks to these processes, CyberGhost offers you completely anonymous surfing.

Even your Internet service provider and employer won’t be able to know what you’re doing on the net. Also, the CyberGhost app has a Kill Switch. This option suspends traffic if the VPN disconnects, so your data will never be accidentally exposed. To go further, CyberGhost also enforces a strict zero-logs policy.

This has also been validated by an external audit, which certifies that the provider does not keep any data about you or your online activity. This security will accompany you everywhere, because CyberGhost is compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux) and also adapts to Smart TVs or connected boxes.

And remember, this software is currently available for just €2.19 per month (€56.94 for 26 months) thanks to an immediate 82% discount and 2 months free on the 2-year plan. So you can try it without fear.

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