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Discover the Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum cleaner, a hybrid vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi

Discover the Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum cleaner, a hybrid vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi

Previously seen as niche products for affluent families and home automation fanatics, robot vacuum cleaners are now everywhere. While many are still expensive, some products like the Roidmi Eve Plus bring prices down without sacrificing quality or functionality.

A brand that is part of the Xiaomi environment, Roidmi strives to offer on the vacuum cleaner market what Xiaomi offers on the vacuum cleaner market. smartphonessmartphones : Affordable products that rival industry leaders. The Roidmi Eve Plus is no exception to the rule and sees its price drop precisely because of thespring equinoxspring equinox. And from March 28th to April 1st it’s on offer on AliExpress! And as a bonus, for the first 50 orders, you get a toothbrush worth $150!

Discover the Roidmi Eve plus at -60€ with the code 328FR60

An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that doubles as a dump station

It can clean 300m² in one go, thanks to the 250ml water tank and a water pumpwater pump electrically controlled. Considering the 5200 mAh battery, it also enjoys a good position autonomyautonomy. HEPA filters and active oxygen are used in the deodorant particle generator to remove 99.99% of all bacteriabacteriavirus, parasitesparasites AND materialsmaterials fragrant. The deodorant particles oxidize the microorganismsmicroorganisms, killing them from within. Active oxygen technology is often used in the sterilization of medical equipment.

Because ROIDMI EVE Plus has radar laserlaser (LiDARLiDAR) of each new generation, benefits from excellent vision. Thanks to’artificial intelligenceartificial intelligence, can instantly scan and map the entire house, design the optimal routes and understand the surrounding environment. Nothing gives you more peace of mind than an intelligent navigation system. You can keep specific room cards, name or merge them and schedule cleaning in a certain order with intelligent management of all scenarios. In addition, its 3 liter bag contained in the dust container allows it to last up to 60 days.

L’touch screentouch screen The LED makes it beautiful and interactiveinteractive for users by teaching them how to remove the powder and sterilize it, as well as reminding them to replace the bag once full. And that’s not all! Here are a few more features to convince you that this is one of the best value vacuum cleaners on the market. robotrobot :

  • An understated design that will blend with almost any decor
  • A applicationapplication to control the vacuum cleaner and manage its routines
  • The ability to step over door thresholds

Discover the Roidmi Eve plus at -60€ with the code 328FR60

An unmissable offer to prepare you for the big spring cleaning

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Roidmi is offering a €60 discount on the Eve Plus model. To take advantage of this discount, simply enter the code 328FR60 at the time of purchase on Aliexpressdirectly from your cart. Perhaps most interestingly, the first 50 orders give you an electric toothbrush worth $150!

So, ready to provide you with a new cleaning companion to get the good start seasonseason ?

Article produced in collaboration with Roidmi


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