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Light blue and gold Fitbit Versa 3 on neutral background

Don’t buy a Fitbit just yet — it looks like a new one is coming soon

Just when we thought another Fitbit tracker would never be released again, we were in for a surprise a few weeks ago when a new listing for an upcoming Fitbit device was spotted on a US Federal Communications Commission website. Now, the same registration number has been spotted again in a Singapore telecommunications database, suggesting the new Fitbit may not be far off.

We were beginning to think about the time of The best Fitbits dominating people’s wrist space was definitely over now that Google has assimilated what it wants in the Google Pixel Watch. However, the mysterious new Fitbit, with a product number G3MP5, has been spotted on Singapore’s IMDA certification list (the equivalent of the US FCC) by THE Technological perspectives.

The same product number appears on both communication lists, so we know this is the same Bluetooth-enabled wireless device that was registered prior to Fitbit’s release on these national databases. The appearance of products in communications equipment databases like these is often the first indication that a product launch is imminent, as we saw earlier this year with the Garmin Venu3.

With many Fitbits starting to show their age and last year’s Fitbit Versa4 AND Fitbit Sense 2 not reviewing so well, those looking for a new Fitbit may just want to wait until Google announces the new model. Google will hold an event to announce new products in October, so if the new Fitbit is ready, that will likely be our launch window.

Analysis: what do we think it is?

Fitbit Versa 4 being used to pay for an item in a store

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Many rumors claim that this Fitbit will be a new iteration of the Fitbit Luxe, as it mixes technology and fashion in a way similar to, well, the Honor V bag concept presented at IFA this year. The fusion of wearable tech and haute couture is clearly on everyone’s mind right now, and with its interchangeable bracelet-style bands, a Fitbit Luxe 2 would certainly stand out.

However, if there’s one Fitbit range that’s in dire need of a makeover, it’s the Fitbit Charge series. The Fitbit Charge 5, while remaining in the Fitbit complex best fitness tracker, is now old by modern technology standards and really needs a new iteration. With built-in GPS, a nice big, bright AMOLED display, and a week-long battery life, a Fitbit Charge 6 it would be the closest thing to a stripped-down Pixel Watch that Google could offer.

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