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Earth !

NiceAfter 3 weeks away from it all (but close to mine), here we are back on dry land and civilized connected.
I had a wonderful holiday but it was still hell for the reasons I have already explained here previously: no internet connection, basic (voice only) and random GSM network, no TV (yet…) and not even radio! As for the newspapers, you have to travel ten kilometers (10km in Corsica = 30km elsewhere) to find the first village, and always on the condition that you don’t suffer from road sickness like me (full return of breakfast as soon as I drive more than half ‘now on winding roads, even while driving, definitely inner ear problem).
So I learned that in French territory, an hour’s flight from Paris, you can be practically isolated from the world.
Holy lesson, it doesn’t seem like it hurts, but weaning was still particularly hard.
In any case, drunk or not, I’ll never do it again: I’m not interested in sleeping anywhere on a saggy mattress, hitchhiking with 10 euros in my pocket (I’ve done it enough and will do it again without problems, I like disorganized trips ) but spending so much time without a web connection has become really impossible for me.


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This Domain is For Sale