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finally we know almost everything about the new "handheld console" from Sony

finally we know almost everything about the new “handheld console” from Sony

  • sony has just officially announced new information on the matter Q Project.
  • Now called PlayStation Portal remote playerthe machine will be used as the name suggests to play the game Remote Play AND it will therefore necessarily require you to own a PS5.
  • The PlayStation Portal will be available in France at the end of the year, at a price of 219.99 euros.

Obviously Sony Highlights Project Q taking advantage of the media attention during the Gamescom. The company announces here all important information about what is now PlayStation portal. It is through the official PlayStation blog that Sony shows us the new console, while recently a leak had already occurred in this regard.

This time it’s official

As expected when the announcement of the Q project, PlayStation Portal’s remote player is aptly named since it’s nothing more or less than a way to play Remote Play on a PS5. So people are expecting a new iteration of PS Vita you will definitely be disappointed. However, people who like to play anywhere in the house without having to cuddle up in front of a dedicated TV will be happy to learn of the existence of this Playstation Portal, who will happen by the end of 2023 with no further details for the time being.

A relatively simple device

PlayStation portal

entering wireless, PlayStation portal consists of a DualSense having an 8-inch touchscreen in 1080p in its center. So lets play your PS5 remotely, switching from one to the other without difficulty. According to the Blog play station, the portal can also serve as DualSense additional. A 3.5mm jack port also allows you to listen to audio through wired headphones. Strangely, sony take advantage of this announcement to also introduce some new features wireless PlayStation headset that will be compatible. This is quite good for the company, as apparently, the Portal does not have Bluetoothwhich will then prevent you from plugging in headphones or headphones that you already have…

A car that shouldn’t be for everyone

Apart from its use, which is in any case very specific, we must not forget it PlayStation Portal relies on Wi-Fi to function. So, if your network is sub-optimal, chances are your gaming experience will be ruined as well. Obviously it will take connect the PS5 to ethernet to maximize the chances of reducing any form of lag on the portable machine.

A price that matches the mother console.

If we have to spend time with the console in our hands to estimate its true value, the price announced by sony because of this PlayStation portal seems quite substantial, but still remains quite high when you consider that the machine has almost no computing power, since it only exploits remote play. It will be available in France at a price of 219.99 euros, and it was hard to imagine the company creating a car for less. It remains to wait until the end of the year to be able to test the machine. Knowing that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this year’s big PS5 release, will be out soon on October 20, there’s a good chance PlayStation Portal will release relatively close to that date.



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