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From November 1 you will hate Disney+ (even more)

  • In November, Disney+ will change the prices of its subscriptions
  • The opportunity for Disney to offer a standard offer with advertising
  • …but also an increasingly expensive Premium offer

On April 7, 2020, France discovered the new Disney+ platform, based on a colossal catalog of licenses, between Disney and Pixar, the Marvel license and that of Star Wars. A streaming platform launched with a single subscription, set at just 6.99 euros/month (and also 69.99 euros/year for the annual formula). Suffice to say, Disney+ seemed to have all it takes to shine in the hearts of fans. However, between price hikes, series bulimia and other spin-offs, the relative quality of some movies/series, and a recent content elimination, Disney+ is far from being as bright as it should be. And it won’t get better…

Disney+ Advertising Subscription Offer Arrives in France (and Europe)

In fact, Disney recently confirmed the arrival in France of a new subscription formula, with advertising. From 1 November, therefore, it will be possible to opt for a new formula proposed at 5.99 euros/month, which will allow access to various contents, interspersed with promotional messages. Please note that the subscription skips downloads and limits viewing to 2 screens only, in Full HD and 5.1 stereo.

This new offer obviously follows the success of ad-supported subscriptions in the United States offered by streaming platforms, such as a certain Netflix. But that is not all! Disney +, in fact, will also introduce a Standard subscription and a Premium subscription. The first (at €8.99/month) will allow you to take advantage of the same offer as the subscription with advertising, but without any promotional messages, and with the possibility of downloading.

The new Premium subscription will be billed at 11.99 euros per month and will open the doors to 4K HDR video, 4 screens, but also to Dolby Atmos audio rendering. From November 1, 2023, Disney+ prices in France will be as follows:

Disney France Award 2023

The American giant specifies that subscribers will switch to the Disney+ Premium subscription by default. Of course, they will have the option to (re)switch to the standard subscription or opt for the standard subscription with advertising. Current subscribers who choose not to switch subscription plans will be charged the new rate starting December 6.

According to Jan Koeppen, president of The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), says: “Disney+ continues to distinguish itself in today’s streaming world with unmatched quality, iconic series and blockbuster blockbusters, while ensuring a smooth and easy viewing experience.“You have been warned.



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