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Geolocalized communication to deal with emergency situations

Geolocalized communication to deal with emergency situations

Like many sectors, communication is also at the heart of a technological transformation. Geolocated communication is therefore emerging as a solution for exchanging information depending on where the user is.

Over the years, geolocalized communication has made its way to deal with emergency situations. Perhaps you have already received a notice informing you that a stormstorm Would there be violence in your area? This is the Fr-Alert solution that the government has implemented to warn anyone with a mobile phone that danger is imminent.

This solution uses base stations, but other companies have developed new ways to communicate with users based on their location. This is the case with balcony.ia to bootto boot American, which gives a whole new dimension to data flows depending on location.

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A revolution in location-based communication

Surprising as it may seem, it has been a long time since there has been a revolution in location-based communication. Not since the arrival of Waze for trafficexplains David Hammel, founder and CEO of Balcony. Until now, no modern technology has enabled organizations to communicate with people based on where they are in the world. “.

This is where the main innovation of theapplicationapplication : being able to address in a personalized way all the people present in a given area, for example an airport, a stadium, a museum or even an entire city.

Real-time interaction

Announcements, instructions, information, opinion polls, many are the permitted uses of Balcony, above all because it is possible to interact in real time with the users. Privacy is fully guaranteed as no personal information is required. Users only need to scan a QR code to be entered. Very useful in dynamic operations or emergency situations, such as during forest fires for which has collaborated Dryadin order to develop a new solution that can identify the risk of forest fires as quickly as possible.

Balcony helps organizations deliver critical information to decision makers and people in the field when they need it most. ©Balcony

Article written in collaboration with Hello Future, Orange’s research and innovation site


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