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Google Chrome

Google Chrome features a comprehensive tracking protection tool to protect users

Google is reportedly working on a new “Tracking Protection” section in Chrome’s Settings menu to help users more easily navigate a variety of tools designed to protect them from web tracking.

The news comes from Windows Insiderswhich claims to have spotted clues about the next update in Chromium code commits.

In particular, the company appears to be working on new third-party cookie domain tracking protection features to help the most popular users navigator prevent advertisers from following them on websites.

Increased Chrome security

Windows Insiders suggested that a toggle to protect users from third-party cookie domain tracking could be housed in the new Tracking Protection section.

It seems that Google wants to simplify the control users have over protecting their online presence by creating different ways.

Many users may find themselves in “Standard” mode, where Chrome blocks some third-party cookies but still allows sites to monitor online behavior to create the best combination to allow sites to continue to function as intended. A “Custom” mode allows users to manually change browser behavior, at the risk of losing some site functionality.

While many of these features aren’t exactly new, until now Chrome users have had to search for the right settings. The launch of a new section dedicated to these types of controls can only be good news.

However, Google is still no stranger to the new API it has come up with, which will allow servers to “evaluate device authenticity” to gain access to a site. The DRM type The API has been blocked from many other major browser developers. Other APIs designed to replace third-party cookies are also being launched, but these have been a little less controversial.

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