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Here are the 10 most in-demand jobs in 2023

It is always difficult to navigate the world of work. We must be able to find a job that we like and inspire us on a daily basis, required by companies and that allows us to earn a decent living. If you need some inspiration, recruiting firm Robert Half has revealed the jobs most in demand by companies in 2023.

For the start of the school year, the recruiting firm specializing in finance and accounting, assistantship training, human resources, law and taxation, IT and digital has published a report indicating the 10 most promising trades this year.

To draw up this list, Robert Half was based on three important criteria: the role in the company, the reasons why the profession is highly sought after by companies and the salary. So he claims “Golden Jobs”. “in the value of essential trades for the good performance of businesses”. It would appear that the finance and accounting professions are highly sought after by employers due to their importance. However, jobs in the human resources, legal and technology fields are also very popular.

According to recruitment firm Robert Half, sales administration manager, human resources manager and payroll manager are the three most promising professions in 2023. Followed by the professions of accountant and supplier accountant, administrative and financial manager, safety of Informatic Systems. To close the ranking we find the IT project manager and the professions of financial lawyer and GDPR lawyer.

Emerging companies 2023 Robert Half

The government does not entirely agree

However, this ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. Robert Half excludes many professions, including all those related to health or catering. A study conducted by Dares and France Strategy for the government reveals the most promising professions for 2030, based on data on retirements and job creation.

At the top of this list are maintenance workers, teachers, domestic assistants and even vehicle drivers. However, the two rankings agree on the importance of accountants and financial or administrative services managers.


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