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Here’s how to send your videos in HD format on WhatsApp

  • After the photo, WhatsApp paves the way for HD video
  • From today you will be able to exchange “high definition” videos with your loved ones
  • No 4K or Full HD, but you have to settle for a 720p rendering

A few weeks ago WhatsApp was gradually rolling out a new update aimed at improving support for photos on the platform. Now, when you send an image, the application allows you to choose between “standard” quality and a brand new HD quality. Today it’s the video’s turn to take an interest, with a particularly awaited novelty, and available in time for the start of the school year.

After the photo, the HD video is invited on WhatsApp!

For a few days, in fact, the parent company Meta has launched a new version of its WhatsApp application, which allows (finally!) to share high definition videos. Enough to meet the expectations of many users, tired of seeing their videos excessively compressed (and degraded) while sharing over the network.

You should know that the application automatically compresses the videos, obviously to reduce their weight, but also the resolution, going down to… 480p. From now on (provided of course that you have downloaded the latest version of the application), WhatsApp offers the possibility of optimizing the sharpness and level of detail of the videos shared with loved ones.

Whatsapp HD

For this, as with photos, before sending a video you can validate the “HD” option displayed at the top of the screen. In this way, you can say goodbye to 480p videos and make room for new 720p videos. Of course, we are still far from Full HD resolution (and even more so from 4K), but it still allows users to quickly exchange videos of better quality.

Of course, if this HD option allows you to enjoy a higher resolution when it comes to videos, it also translates into a slightly higher weight. So beware of (excessive) data consumption. The system implemented by WhatsApp is very very simple and very explicit, since the application always indicates the weight of each video before each sending, the default option remains and always the 480p version.

Of course, HD or not, photos and videos shared on the WhatsApp network remain protected through an end-to-end encryption system. Finally, we remind you that to send multimedia contents (photos/videos) in original quality, WhatsApp already offers a dedicated function, through the “Document” option.

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