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Home sweet home WIFI

HomeI work at home this morning, because I let my son sleep late for a nice morning off before taking him to his grandparents for two or three days.
I wouldn’t do this every day, which is why I set up my business in professional premises that I share with other businesses in the same industry, but I love to work from home from time to time, and my home WIFI gets things done for me it’s much simpler: I sit where I want with my laptop. Of course, hard and uncomfortable chairs are not intended for prolonged rest in front of a screen, obviously the cat does not find better than to come and lie down regularly on the keyboard to demonstrate that it exists (that a cat can be possessive), which sometimes translates in an involuntary Control+Z that makes me jump. But I have a good coffee close at hand and nobody around to distract me (I have nice roommates with whom I share the pear in the agency, but damn they make noise!). Disadvantage: When I work from home, I’m unreachable because the The orange net does not pass (yet) on my street…
Ready ?


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This Domain is For Sale