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How long does your Android smartphone last? The answer on this site

  • Android Update Tracker lets you know until when a model will receive updates or if it has already reached “end of life”
  • However, some information should be taken with caution as some brands aren’t always accurate when it comes to updates.
  • In any case, this type of initiative should encourage manufacturers to continue improving their software support policies.

When you buy a recent iPhone, you know it will get updates for several years. This allows you to use the same device for a long time, while receiving security updates that protect you from online threats. In the Android ecosystem, it’s more complicated. In fact, each manufacturer has its own policy in terms of software support. And before buying a device, it is advisable to find out about its service life.

Sometimes this information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Google, for example, has a help page that tells you exactly when a Pixel model will receive major Android updates and security updates. On the other hand, it can be more vague in other brands. But from today you can also find information on the site Android update monitor know the life span of a model.

According to the explanations of Android Police, this site was created by a community of Android users. The site offers a Square which displays a list of smartphones along with the Android versions these smartphones should receive. However, it is more interesting to use the site’s search engine by entering the name of the model of interest, in order to have more detailed information.

Android update monitor

Some constructors are more accurate than others

The site references many models from well-known brands such as Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus and Xiaomi. But it hasn’t ruled out smaller brands like ZTE or Tecno. In any case, the advantage is that Android Update Tracker allows you to find more manufacturers and more models on the same site.

However, Android Police warns that it is important to consider some information with caution, as some manufacturers are not always very clear. In any case, if you intend to buy an older smartphone, you can at least use the site to make sure that it is not a model that has already reached its “end of life” (or is imminent).

Some brands are trying

In any case, it is clear that lately the most famous smartphone brands are trying to extend the lifespan of their devices (and to be more precise on the lifespan of these). For example, Google, Samsung and OnePlus have already extended the life of their products by promising updates for longer periods. And Xiaomi should soon follow suit (an announcement has already been made for Chinese users).

In addition, Google (which remains a point of reference on Android) could announce a new extension of its policy on updates. According to a recent rumor, in fact, the Pixel 8 (a device that will be presented this year) could have a duration comparable to that of an iPhone.

In addition to being a major asset for manufacturers, a longer life also allows them to better position themselves on the second-hand market.


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