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How to choose the right gaming glasses?

How to choose the right gaming glasses?

If you play video games on a regular basis, you have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a screen. Therefore it is essential to invest in gaming glasses to limit eye strain and improve visual comfort. How to choose the right gaming glasses to be effective?

Gaming glasses have been specifically designed to be able to play video games. They have their own characteristics.

exposure to blue light

Contrary to popular belief, blue light doesn’t have to be banned completely. In reasonable quantities, it is even essential for our well-being. Several scientific studies have demonstrated its effects on our body. In particular, it helps regulate our biological rhythm by promoting the production of some hormones. For example, during the day, the amount of natural blue light is particularly important and necessary for us to wake up, while it decreases in the evening to help us fall asleep.

As for the wavelengths to avoid, these are essentially the most intense ones, especially those between 380 and 450 nanometres. It is these wavelengths that are most harmful to our retina.

Therefore, with prolonged and repeated exposure, blue light poses a risk to the eyes. Caused by the radiation emitted by screens, it can be particularly harmful:

  • dry eyes;
  • sleep disorders;
  • eye strain;
  • heachache ;
  • blurred vision.

Gaming glasses: what’s so special about them?

THE gaming glasses filters part of the blue light (in different percentages depending on the model). The glasses on the market have filtration rates ranging on average from 30% to 70%. Wearing them to play, protect your eyes and gain in gaming comfort.

On screen, contrasts are sharper, edges are better defined, and you’re no longer distracted by reflections. Your eyes tire less quickly, which allows you to build stamina.

To be able to play for several hours, you still need to be in good shape. Gaming glasses are more ergonomic than conventional glasses. They adapt perfectly to helmet use and thus improve your comfort.

The advantages of gaming glasses

If gaming glasses are considered indispensable for playing video games, it is because they have a number of advantages:

  • reduce glare;
  • improve the details visible on the screen;
  • they promote concentration;
  • they allow the filtering of UV rays and avoid reflections (a particularly important aspect for gamers);
  • reduce eye strain.

Choosing the right gaming glasses

In order to choose the appropriate model of gaming glasses, several criteria must be taken into account.

1. The degree of blue light filtering

When it comes to blue light filtering, not all models are created equal. Some have only a 30% filtering rate while others reach 70%. Obviously, the higher the percentage, the greater the protection.

2. Comfort

If you plan to wear gaming glasses for an extended period, they better be comfortable. They shouldn’t hurt your nose or ears. Lightweight glasses will also be easier to wear.

3. Budget

It is therefore not surprising that the more protected a model is from blue light, the more expensive it will be. So choose your glasses based on how long and how often you play. Keep in mind that if you need vision correction, the price of your gaming glasses will obviously be higher.

4. Other criteria

At a time when the social and environmental responsibility of companies is particularly monitored, it is important to be able to know the carbon footprint of producers. Not everyone has the same requirements in this regard, which is why it is necessary to inquire on their site.

Finally, the guarantee of these products is also an aspect to take into consideration when evaluating the purchase of gaming glasses.

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