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An mp3 player for what?

I’m starting a new project

Today I start working on the development of a new project that I have wanted to launch for many months (years?) but on which I have never been able to concentrate due to lack of time and availability.

There I finally decided to start and I will try to maintain it by dedicating one to two hours a day to it until its launch. And obviously, since it is in step with the times, I will publish the evolution of the project here on the blog, without revealing too much.
I’ll tell you right now so as not to disappoint you, there is nothing revolutionary about this: we will simply say that it would have been innovative if I could have launched it two or three years ago. This is a service that already exists, but not exactly in the form I want to implement it.
It requires a small logistical infrastructure and some equipment, and above all a good website because obviously everything will go from there.
So I started the first mockups of the site this weekend (paper/pencil to start) and, to add some spice to the chaos, I will try to have fun creating a site that is 100% W3C compliant and, if possible, entirely in CSS and without tables, which should keep me busy for a while and will definitely cause me some serious headaches.
Come on, here we are, my friend.


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This Domain is For Sale