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An mp3 player for what?

Internet in business – not a win.

This morning I met a client who wants me to take care of the administration of his company’s website, because he finally believes that this task is not the job of his assistant, nor of his other collaborators.
However, the site was developed according to precise specifications expressly specifying the possibility for the customer to manage it independently, after training that I provided them at the time of publishing the site.
The content management tool (Mambo) considered for the creation of this site is certainly the most complete and the simplest to use that I know, even if the ease of use and the perfect ergonomics in terms of cms in my opinion still remains to be invented.
We can therefore consider that it is an acknowledgment of failure: even when they are determined to do it, and to give themselves the means to do it, there are few SMEs who finally know how to find the internal resources to manage and maintain their website. .
While the SMEs themselves know how to use their management and office software without great difficulty.
Although I have to admit – somewhat shamefully – that this state of affairs is rather favorable to web agencies and consultants like me (it gives us jobs!), I take my share of responsibility for this failure: insufficient training? Awareness of the crucial importance of a “live” site poorly explained to the customer?
Be that as it may, we all have progress to make to give customers the autonomy they theoretically ask for.


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This Domain is For Sale