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Its a Wrap level with lazer eyes

It’s a Wrap lets you play through the levels you create and is already available on PC

Described as a game about filmmaking in 1980s Hollywood, It’s a wrap offers a puzzle-adventure game that takes you through a series of films that you will have to explore as the protagonist.

Dodging obstacles and traps, engaging in high-speed car chases or even pushing far into intergalactic battles still form the fascinating content of this characteristic version, but there is a central twist that makes the game even more exciting.

Rather than offering pre-built levels to pass, the experience of It’s a wrap is divided into two phases. In the first stage, you’ll take on the role of director and, on a timeline similar to what you’d expect from any video editing software, you’ll drag and drop some obstacles or traps to build your level from scratch.

In the second stage you will play the role of the actor and you will have to jump into the level you just created. There will be a variety of traditional 2D platforms to play with, along with all the fun obstacles you’ve placed to make your “movie” more thrilling.

The levels are split into several films, all of which follow a different genre and offer elements suited to their setting, so the content won’t feel repetitive. You’ll have to constantly think of new ways to keep the cast on their toes, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Each level increases in difficulty, which is worth keeping in mind as you create your ideal scenes.

What’s more, It’s a wrap shadow appeared last night during the Future Games Show, so you can buy this title on PC right now. A Nintendo Switch release is also in the works, but there are currently no details on when we can expect what has the potential to be one of the best indie games to launch on the console. As for PS5 and Xbox Series X players, there are currently no plans for this game to launch, but that doesn’t rule out a potential release in the future.

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This Domain is For Sale