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It’s time to say goodbye to compact smartphones (no one wants them)

  • Compact smartphones don’t appeal to the crowds and this has led Apple to stop offering “mini” iPhones.
  • Now a rumor is suggesting that ASUS may shut down its Zenfone brand
  • This had become a specialist in high-end Android devices, but with small screens

In recent years, the smartphone market tends to offer ever larger devices. But some brands believe there is still demand for compact models, with relatively smaller screens than most smartphones on the market. Today, however, everything suggests that compact smartphones will disappear permanently, or almost.

Among the brands that have bet on compact models is Apple. In 2020, it created a surprise by launching the iPhone 12 mini, a model with a premium technical sheet, but with a small 5.4-inch screen. In 2021, the company repeated this experience with the iPhone 13 mini. But sales weren’t particularly good for these “mini” iPhones. And in 2022, Apple abandons this format in favor of the iPhone 14 Plus which, on the contrary, has an XXL screen.

On the Android side, ASUS, through the Zenfone brand, has bet on compact smartphones. As we mentioned in our test, the 5.9-inch ASUS Zenfone 10 offers a premium spec sheet, but in a relatively compact and easy-to-handle format. But unfortunately, it seems that today this brand is living out its last days.

Rumors about the end of ASUS Zenfone

For the moment, nothing official. But as reported by our colleagues at Android Authority, Technews Taiwan media evoke a restructuring that is allegedly underway at ASUS. And as part of this restructuring, the manufacturer would have decided to close some divisions, including the Zenfone brand. Therefore, the Zenfone 10 would be the last device of this brand.

Of course, for now, this information should be viewed with caution, as it is unofficial. But it is quite possible that due to low sales of its compact smartphones, ASUS has decided to put an end to the Zenfone adventure. Additionally, Android Authority mentions other signs that could corroborate the rumor. These are changes made on the manufacturer’s website, such as the end of the distribution of old firmware for Zenfone smartphones. But for the moment ASUS has always found valid explanations for these changes.

In any case, the end of the ASUS Zenfone brand would be a big loss for the Android ecosystem. Although Zenfone has never been among the leading smartphone manufacturers, it has always come up with interesting models. And with its Zenfone 10 and Zenfone 9, it has allowed compact smartphone enthusiasts to have high-end models, but with relatively small screens (a rarity in 2023).


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