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Life is beautiful dot com

Life is Beautiful
We are subject, like everyone in France, to environmental sadness and an often unjustified form of permanent discontent. Everyone complains about everything, us first and foremost, without really having a valid reason, only to then support the theory according to which human beings (and the French in particular) are never happy…

Without falling into the opposite excess of a vaguely autistic blissful optimism, I must say that I fully share the point of view of Patrician.
And while I’m not really the type to stick activist logos on my blogs, I tell myself that here’s finally a good cause that everyone should be able to join (except the grumpy people, of course).
Explanation of the text: the boys of The strawberry have decided to act in their own way – that is, non-conformist and fun – to fight this damned tricolor grinchomania, creating and distributing for free a small logo on a sticker which will only have the purpose of reminding our fellow citizens of this essential message: Life is Beautiful !
A large series of non-advertising stickers will then be printed, therefore without any logo and which leave no traces once removed with only this slogan: Life is Beautiful … and they will send a handful to anyone who requests them via email (for a stamp). The goal is as follows: attack them wherever there are people lurking: the subway, the post office, the street, etc.
And while we’re at it, why not show it on your web pages too? I suggested it to Patrice, who wholeheartedly approved. You then note: I immediately received the GIF file of the sticker and I apply it just as quickly on the lemon squeezer.
If like me you want to be part of the Lavieestbelliens tribe, help yourself and stop by.

Life is Beautiful at Fraise.


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This Domain is For Sale