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Microsoft wants to reinvent Paint, the most important evolution since 1985?

Microsoft wants to reinvent Paint, the most important evolution since 1985?

  • What if a generative artificial intelligence landed on Paint? The idea would be under study at Microsoft
  • A generative AI on Paint would allow the user to create drawings from text instructions (like on Bing Image Creator)
  • But for now the project could still be abandoned
  • Microsoft is preparing an event for September 21st and should take the opportunity to discuss its new developments on artificial intelligence

Is Microsoft preparing the most important evolution of Paint since its launch in 1985? That’s what one might think when reading an article recently published by our colleagues at Windows Central. The Redmond company has regularly updated this software and has even created a 3D version of it. But the novelty it may soon offer will perhaps change the way we use Paint in a radical way. Microsoft, in fact, would like to equip Paint with a generative artificial intelligence.

Paint enhanced with artificial intelligence

Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft has focused on generative AI. It has already integrated this technology into Bing and Microsoft Edge, and other apps and products from the company will be entitled to the same treatment. As for Paint, Windows Central says Microsoft is currently evaluating how its drawing software could take advantage of this technology.

Windows Central says Microsoft may offer Bing Image Creator-like functionality in Paint. The latter allows users to generate images from descriptions (prompts) in text form. In this way it would be possible to start drawing no longer with a brush, but with text instructions. The media even shared an image that would be “an internal model of Microsoft Paint with an artificial intelligence”.

Lots of announcements in September?

For the moment this information is still to be considered with caution, as it does not come from an official source. Additionally, Windows Central clarifies that for now, this is an early stage project that may still be abandoned. But given Microsoft’s infatuation with AI, there’s reason to hope that this new AI-powered version of Paint will someday come to Windows 11.

In any case, in a few weeks we should know more about Microsoft’s AI projects. In fact, the digital giant has already announced that it will organize itself a special event on September 21st. This is expected to showcase the new Surface devices, but Microsoft is also expected to use this event to make announcements related to artificial intelligence.

As for the new AI-powered Windows features, they could arrive next year. According to Windows Central, the next major Windows 11 update is expected to arrive in 2024 and should include many new features based on generative AI. However, some of these features may require special hardware on your PC, such as a neural processing unit (NPU) or dedicated AI chip.


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