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Much more artificial intelligence could be coming to Microsoft Teams

Your Microsoft Teams calls and meetings could see a lot more AI interaction thanks to a new update coming to the platform.

The video conferencing service is launching an “AI library” that seeks to make it easier for developers to add Large Language Models (LLM) into Microsoft Teams.

The company says the launch will “enable” developers to “build rich, conversational Teams apps” that could help increase productivity and efficiency for Microsoft Teams users around the world.

Microsoft Teams AI

In his registration on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the company notes that the new AI library, scheduled to launch in October 2023 across all platforms, will offer developers a suite of code features designed to facilitate the integration of large language models in their apps.

This will also simplify the process of creating bots and message extensions, as well as interactions with adaptive cards for conversational experiences.

Elsewhere, Microsoft also says that the Teams AI library will help with the migration of existing bots, message extensions, and adaptive tabs features with seamless integration with large language models in Teams.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been given a glimpse of the AI ​​future of Microsoft Teams and other office software tools.

In March 2023, the company revealed full-scale GPT-4 integration into Microsoft 365 with its Copilot tool, which can create emails, compile reports, and (rather grandly) “rediscover the soul of work.” .

Microsoft Teams recently revealed a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate not only meeting notes, but also suggest follow-up actions, along with timeline markers so you can immediately jump to the most relevant part of a call.

On the lighter side, Microsoft Teams also raised eyebrows in July 2023 when it announced “virtual makeup” filters that give your appearance a boost for that big meeting. The Maybelline Beauty app in Microsoft Teams allows users to choose from “12 unique looks,” as well as select from different digital makeup colors and blur effects, which can be previewed and “applied” before joining a call .

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