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Netflix continues to deliver good news since the end of account sharing

  • With the end of account sharing, Netflix has gained a lot of subscribers around the world
  • New data from the US confirms this good trend
  • The streaming service may be cautious as the actors’ and writers’ strike could impact its future

Clearly, the light is green for Netflix after the announcement of the end of account sharing between people who do not live under the same roof. In fact, if a massive abandonment of subscribers could have been feared, the opposite seems to be happening, and a good number of users seem resigned to subscribing to a package.

This trend is confirmed by Antenna analyst statistics for the United States. Concretely, Netflix had noticed a decline in subscriber volume in April. Subsequently, following the change, this level increased to 27.8% in May, 128.9% in June and 25.7% in July. More concretely, this means an increase of 3.5 million more customers in June, then 2.6 million in July. The total has been 7.5 million since May.

Could the strike threaten Netflix?

In this regard, experts point out that between June and July, between 19 and 23% of newcomers chose the subscription to the platform with advertising. In France the latter is marketed for 6 euros per month. That’s quite a good thing for Netflix, which is banking on this new model to save its finances. We also know that advertising is billed at a higher rate than YouTube, to name just the latter.

This good news comes after an equally very positive last quarterly report globally. The entertainment giant announced last July that it had added 6 million additional subscribers, for a total of 238 million worldwide, marking a new record.

The service was also satisfied by its turnover which in the last three months amounted to 8.19 billion dollars. Net income also increased 3% to $1.49 billion.

Despite this avalanche of good numbers, Netflix had better be cautious due to the writers’ and actors’ strike currently taking place in Hollywood. The latter could threaten or even cancel many productions. In addition, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of the company, expressed the hope that the social conflict will end soon. “so we can all move on”.

In the meantime, Netflix multiplies its initiatives in the field of reality shows, a sector that is not affected by the current mobilization.



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