Is the TikTok BORG Trend Just Another Form of Binge Drinking?


Share on Pinterestmixetto/Getty ImagesThe TikTok BORG development is drawing consideration by specialists for being unhealthy. BORG stands for “blackout rage gallon” and refers to an alcoholic drink that’s made by filling a one-gallon jug with a mix of water, as much as a fifth of vodka, a caffeinated taste booster and electrolytes.The idea behind the BORG is that it allegedly reduces some of the dangers that come together with consuming at school.A brand new TikTok development is sweeping school campuses throughout America and it’s definitely turning heads. The brand new “BORG” development, which stands for “blackout rage gallon” is a brand new fad on the fashionable video-sharing social media platform that guarantees a “hangover-free’ consuming expertise and, allegedly, a harm-reduced method to drink. However like many developments on TikTok, is there any precise validity to those claims or is it simply the newest in a string of developments that might be extra dangerous than anything?

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