Self Improvement Techniques: Getting Back On Track


Sometimes during our pursuit of excellence we hit a road block and get off track. These self improvement techniques will help you get back on track and work towards the dream life you are after.

Sacred Six

Look at your Sacred Six lists. Sacred Six to do, which are the six things that you are going to get done today and also look at the Sacred Six projects that you have. If you do six things today and focus on your structure of where you are in the system you will be able to get back on track. Really look at the things that you are working on and don’t bring anything new in until you evaluate its and decide “what is it going to replace?” People burn out because they have too many logs in the fire. Take some out and make sure your fire still keeps burning.

Change Your Priorities

Make sure you look at the things that you have been focusing on. What are the tings that really need to have your focus? Once you make the commitment, never make the “first exception”. The first time that you say to yourself that you will make the exception is the time when you begin to backslide. Make sure your priorities are in line and you will not make an exception.

Take Massive Action

When you stop doing the things that you want to do because you are backsliding all you need to tell yourself is that you have to start over. The past is gone. We have to deal with the energy now in this moment. Realize that you are going to backslide in certain areas. But also recognize that you can make the commitment and get back on track. You can climb back on the horse without making excuses. Take massive action.

Get Back On Track

What have you committed to that you are now backsliding on? What are you going to do to break those patterns of backsliding? Organize, create the awareness, look at the “whys”, look at the Sacred Six, prioritize, get focused and move forward. In every situation in life we can get back on that horse, it doesn’t matter what it is. Today is the day that you will move forward!

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