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Nike Metcon 8

Nike Metcon 8 review: A top-level cross training shoe

Nike Metcon 8: One minute review

This is EliteViser’s review of the Nike Metcon 8. We tried the shoe on to find out if it’s worth it. Spoiler: it is.

The Metcon 8 seamlessly blends practicality and style, delivering performance and aesthetics for the gym enthusiast. With its iconic wraparound sole, this shoe stands out from the competition with its unique design and is also customizable if you want to spend even more money on these kids. However, the aesthetic appeal of the Metcon 8 does not compromise substance. Each of the shoe’s design elements also serves performance.

Performance-wise, the Metcon 8 closely resembles its predecessor, the Metcon 7, maintaining a low profile and 4mm drop, with consistent responsiveness from the React foam in the midsole, making it the best choice for almost all kinds of indoor activities, such as gym. activity. It is definitely one of the best, if not the best, sneaker for most people.

Another notable feature is the revamped heel design, which improves stability when lifting, particularly in squats and deadlifts. There’s flexibility for high-intensity cardio too, when called upon, thanks to a revised upper. It’s this that also helps the shoe feel more secure, giving a more locked-in feel in the midfoot. This is a nice touch because it feels like you’re getting more support, especially during dynamic movements. However, be aware that it will not offer a great fit for those with a looser fit. Likewise, it’s also not suitable for extended running due to limited cushioning.

Overall, the Metcon 8 excels in most gym environments, especially weightlifting and CrossFit-style classes where it does very well what it was made for.

Nike Metcon 8: Specifications

Component Value
Price $130 / £129.95 / AU$149.99
Weight (per shoe) 401g
Heel to toe drop 4mm
Superior Sweater
Midsole Nike React foam
Sole Eraser

Nike Metcon 8: price and availability

Nike Metcon 8

(Image credit: Nike)

The Nike Metcon 8 trainers are available to purchase now directly from Nikeglobally, for an RRP of £124.95 / $130 / AUS$190. However, you can expect to find them a little cheaper at select third-party retailers such as Live sports AND WIT Fitness. Deals can be found very often, meaning that even though elite-level cross-training shoes can be found for a similar price to the MSRP above, the Metcon’s superior quality and discount mean they’re great value.

Nike Metcon 8: Design

Nike Metcon 8

(Image credit: Lee Bell)
  • Practical design features made elegant
  • Similar construction to the Metcon 7
  • Wide spectrum of colors available with custom options

There are few trainers on the market that are as practical for weight training as they are stylish, but the Metcon 8 pulls it off, and effortlessly. Take, for example, the iconic rubber outsole that the Metcon series has become known for. Wrapping around the shoe and along the sides, it is there to offer the wearer better grip during rope ascents. However, Nike was bold and made this design a focal point, giving the shoe an edge and setting it apart from the competition.

The Metcon 8 isn’t even about style over substance. Both the aesthetics and technicality of this shoe work hand-in-hand, with each design element serving a performance-related purpose, from the aforementioned rubber-hugging outsole to the stabilizing exaggerated heel and React foam cushioning in the midsole. But more on performance later.

In terms of construction, the Metcon 8 isn’t a million miles from its predecessor, the Metcon 7. In fact, the two share much of the same makeup. You’ll find a wide, flat heel for stability during lifts, a rubber outsole and cushioned midsole, a flexible forefoot and a heel clip to support vertical push-ups.

Perhaps one of my favorite design additions in the Metcon 8, however, is the Lace Lock tongue, which proves to be satisfyingly practical, securely securing the laces while keeping them out of sight.

In true Nike fashion, you’ll find a wide range of color options available for the Metcon 8 as well, and for all genders. There’s also an option to personalize them yourself with Nike ID, allowing you to add, for example, metallic or marbled finishes. Although this customization has an additional cost, of course.

All in all, it’s pretty hard to fault the design of the Metcon 8.

Nike Metcon 8: performance

Nike Metcon 8

(Image credit: Lee Bell)
  • Nike React foam provides comfort and agility
  • Heel design changes improve lifting performance
  • The locked-in feel on the midfoot offers stability and support

As mentioned above, the Metcon 8 largely mirrors its predecessor, especially in terms of construction. The same can be said of performance as they both boast the same sole unit, stack height, grip and fit. Both share a low profile and a 4mm heel-to-toe differential, while Nike React foam, always light and springy, in the forefoot and midsole enhances agility for dynamic movements like sprints and HIIT workouts.

So what did Nike do different this time around?

While understated, the fitness trainer giant has made a noteworthy update to the shoe’s heel structure, which has been incorporated to improve performance for the lifting enthusiast. You’ll now find a revamped internal plate in the wide, flat heel, offering better weight distribution and flex. This adjustment will especially benefit weight lifters because it should improve their stability in squats and deadlifts.

However, no sneaker can suit everyone’s needs. Hardcore athletes, for example, may still lean more toward specialized lifting shoes, despite the stability boost the Metcon 8 gets at the heel. Likewise, runners shouldn’t swap their shoes for these shoes — or any Metcon model — and stick with proper running shoes instead. The Metcon series does not have the cushioning requirements for over-mile runs.

Another notable performance feature is the Metcon 8’s redesigned upper, which should now offer more breathability than previous iterations of the shoe. This difference wasn’t too noticeable in my experience, but I found the toe box to be a bit more restrictive than previous Metcon shoes when performing high-intensity fitness activities. Saying that this revised upper helps make the shoe more secure, giving a more locked-in feel in the midfoot. This is a nice touch because it feels like you’re getting more support, especially during dynamic movements.

Overall, I’ve found the Metcon 8 to perform at its best in almost any gym setting, but especially during weightlifting and CrossFit-style classes. You can truly tell that the shoe was designed for these realms and this is where it really shines.

  • Performance Score: 4.5/5

Nike Metcon 8: Scorekeeper

Category Comment Point
Value Equivalent to competitors and often found on sale. 4/5
Project Practical construction, elegant aesthetics. 5/5
Performance It thrives in any gym environment, but shines in CrossFit classes. 4.5/5
Total An outstanding sneaker in every respect. 4.5/5

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