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Notebook with digital sleeve: what is it for?

Notebook with digital sleeve: what is it for?

There has been talk of the Digital Housing Book for some years now, especially in the offices of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. EDF Pulse & You, in partnership with DOCAPoste, offered Pulsers the opportunity to test their CNL during a co-innovation campaign, in the form of a question” Could the digital notebook be useful for your accommodation? “. Here are the results of this project carried out from 31 May to 5 July 2021.

Originally provided for by the law of Energy transitionEnergy transition of 2015, the Notebook DigitalDigital du Logement (CNL) was to be launched in January 2020 in the form of a digital tool. Its purpose was to fight against buildingsbuildings too energy consuming indicating information essential for maintenance e renovationsrenovations housing potential. Without having had time to really see the light, the CNL was replaced by the CIL, the housing information booklet, adopted on July 20, 2021, a few weeks after the end of the campaign. EDF Pulse and you. The entry into force of this new booklet is scheduled for 1um January 2023.

The Digital Housing Book: Pulsor perception

Of the 710 Pulsers registered for this campaign, 67% joined, resulting in 2,606 ideas and comments, a great success!

The results of the Pulseurs are almost unanimous, the CNL is undeniably an innovative, efficient and intuitive tool. Its daily utility is real and it satisfies a capital need. As proof, the vote they gave him reached 4/5. The pulsators highlight a CNL with user-friendly ergonomics and design, and efficient operational functionality. The CNL also offers them many advantages in various situations related to housing (moving, selling, equipment management, etc.).

This solution, the Digital Housing Notebook, has an undeniable advantage, the centralization of housing related documents. It’s a handy way to group them and keep them handy. It should be noted that its daily practicality would encourage one person out of two to spend more than one euro to be able to use it.

During the previous EDF Pulse & You campaign related to the CNL, it was essential that the Pulsers have a high level of security. Feedback from this second campaign indicates that this aspect is a real asset. In addition to this point, with the protection of documents against loss or theft, they indicate that the environmental dimension, which effectively translates into saving paper thanks to digitization, also represents an interesting advantage.

The expected improvements regarding the Digital Housing Book

The security of the CNL and the multiple actions to connect complicate the user experience. However, these difficulties become easier to overcome when the Pulsators consult the videos and rely on the files tutorialstutorials dedicated. In fact, 84% of them watched them for help in mastering the CNL.

The campaign revealed that the Pulseurs highlight practical expectations: reminders to facilitate the daily management of the CNL (monitoring of housing consumption, appointments, maintenancemaintenance equipment…), alarm service (maintenance, ventilation, fire…), housing monitoring, desire for a solution developed for smart phonesmart phone. These expectations, as well as the Pulsers’ contributions and ideas, are essential to progress in the development of this tool.

Article produced in collaboration with the EDF Pulse and You teams.


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