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Iphone 14

Previously utopian, the extremely low price of the iPhone 14 becomes a reality

The purple iPhone 14 is sold for just 829 euros on Amazon, with 128GB of internal memory. Or 190 euros in savings, or a 19% reduction. A surprising offer, but entirely legitimate. And for good reason: the iPhone 15 will be released soon. This mobile phone will be able to accompany you on a daily basis in all your activities and will also allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones on the go. It is recognized for its high-end performance but also an internationally recognized design, with, as a bonus, Face ID biometric unlocking. This facial recognition technology is very efficient and looks a bit like Windows Hello (PC).

I take advantage of the offer

The iPhone 14 is now powered by a Lightning plug. With a dedicated AC adapter, you can get at least 50% charge in just thirty minutes. The loudspeaker is located on the bottom of the device, right next to this proprietary port. Returning to the design, know that the chassis of the iPhone 14 is made of aluminum and that the front and back are made of glass. These can withstand shocks, obviously up to a certain power. Laboratory tests at Apple have shown in particular that Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology, which is the basis of this advantage, does its job quite well.

Why this iPhone… and not another?

Here the iPhone 14 costs only 829 euros, and that’s not much given the base price of 1,019 euros. That’s why this deal is very interesting. But this is not the only reason, indeed, indeed. Indeed, we know that the iPhone 14 Pro is a good alternative, but too expensive to be worth it in these times of crisis where inflation reigns. In addition, the iPhone 14 offers much better value for money than the third-generation iPhone SE, which has a small screen and is not as powerful.

I take advantage of the offer

Also keep in mind that while the iPhone 13 is less expensive, its value proposition doesn’t match that of the iPhone 14. In fact, the iPhone 14 will be eligible for updates for a longer period of time, which makes it makes it, in theory, more sustainable. The iPhone 14 also supports eSIM technology which allows you to do without a physical SIM card. This is very convenient, for several reasons. First of all to avoid losing the chip in question, because it is very small. But also when it comes to changing plans, for example when traveling abroad: With iOS, just a few gestures and you’re done.

What if you choose it second hand?

On the Amazon site you can also find the same iPhone 14 for only around 771 euros. And for good reason: it’s a refurbished model. In very good condition, works well and the screen has been replaced in case the previous owner caused some scratches. We are therefore almost on a like new device, here. The battery is also normally new. But the price is then much lower, which will be good for your wallet. However, be aware that the warranty may change from that of a new model.

To go further, also know that the refurbished iPhone 14 also allows you to do something for the planet. In fact, to be able to recycle iPhones in this way, Amazon is implementing a strategy that, in theory, generates less waste. Apple also aims to have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and you can contribute to this transition with refurbished equipment.

At the time of purchase, if you wish, do not hesitate to add a transparent MagSafe case for only fifty-nine euros.

I take advantage of the offer


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