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Production of the new Tesla Model 3 has already started - what we know

Production of the new Tesla Model 3 has already started – what we know

A lot of information has been leaked about a revised version of the famous Tesla Model 3 which is in preparation. According to the latest rumors, production would have started, giving hope for an official launch soon.

The iconic Tesla Model 3 it turned seven earlier this year and lately there have been rumors of a new version in the works. Known as Plateau Projectwould bring its share of novelties and, according to the latest information, the production of the new Tesla Model 3 would have already been launched.

Second Chris Zheng on X (formerly Twitter), the Giga Shanghai factory has reportedly started rotating production of the current version of Model 3 with the Plateau Project, to fully switch to the new version in two weeks. Photographer Colin W. managed to take pictures of a Tesla prototype Model 3″ Project Highland in the wild in California, with the front and back covered to reveal nothing of the new.

The new HW4 autopilot computer with front facing camera

Thanks to different losses, some of the features of this new version are known. One of the novelties is a battery with greater capacity, which goes from 60 kWh to 66 kWh, which would increase the range from 510 kilometers to 550 kilometres. There carcar it would contain HW4, the latest version of the self-driving computer, with high-definition cameras, including one integrated into the front bumper. Rumors also point to new headlights, lightslights RGB atmospheres and attention to the use of recycled materials.

For now all the information is just rumors as Tesla has not confirmed anything. However, according to these same sources, the price of Plateau Project it would remain the same as the Tesla Model 3 current.

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