Security Camera Indoor Wireless Scoornest-2023 Newly Upgraded Security Detector 1080P Wifi Battery Operated 2.4Ghz Pet Camera Video Surveillance Device with Phone App for Baby Monitor Home Car Dog Cat


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Product Description

SCOORNEST Indoor Wireless Security Camera – Keep Your Home Safe

Home Indoor Security Camera

Home Indoor Security Camera

With SCOORNEST indoor security wireless camera, know every details about what happened at home!

What can this security camera do for your?

-Real-time monitoring of room conditions, if there is an abnormality, you can view the details remotely in the app;

-High-definition 1080P video capture, even when viewed on a mobile phone, the details can be captured clearly;

-IR infrared sensing allows you to see what’s going on in the dark, no longer worry about accidents;

-Insert an SD card ( not included) and record the entire process even without wifi, so you won’t miss any important events;

-Built-in strong magnet, can be attached to any iron furniture without worrying about falling (you can also tear off the glue protection film of the base and stick it anywhere);

-Tiny size, install it conveniently and not easy to be checked , can more realistically show the actual situation.

With SCOORNEST indoor camera, you can finally go out and have fun without any worries!

Great Features Make A Better Indoor Video Camera

Friendly Use

Friendly Use

1080P High Resolution

1080P High Resolution

All Days Record

All Days Record

Install Friendly and Use Simply

With built-in strong magnet, the wireless wifi camera can be tightly adsorbed on an arbitrary iron surface. Using the extra magnetic mount included, you can install the pet camera at any places.

The newly upgraded indoor security camera simplifies the connection steps. It only takes a few steps to easily connect your device and wifi. You can use a dedicated App to watch live steam anytime, anywhere, or just insert a micro SD card to shoot all the time.

1080P HD Wide Angle View

With 150 degree wide angle lens, the security indoor camera allows you to see more corners in the room.All you need to do is to adjust the direction of this battery camera before shooting, so as to find the most suitable position for monitoring.

The quality lens also features 1080P video and excellent recording capability under low light conditions.Even when you are not on set, the high-definition lens allows you to see clearly without missing any details.

SD Card Keeps All-day Shooting

This security video camera can be inserted a micro SD card so it can record without wifi too. The security camera will auto record HD video files to micro SD card.You can view the video content that the card automatically saves for you through the remote recording in the phone app.

The recorded videos on the SD card will be placed in different folders according to the date and time for your convenience. Each video lasts one minute and can be recorded continuously.

Wireless Wifi Camera with Good Battery Life to Protect the House

Wireless Wifi Pet Camera

Wireless Wifi Pet Camera

The indoor camera has a built-in high-quality 300mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery with about 2 hours of battery life. If there are sockets or USB ports around, you can also charge it at any time, and the shooting will continue while charging and will not be affected by the battery level.

And since it is wireless and battery supported, the installation position is not limited by wires and can be placed in the right place according to the needs. There are magnets built into the bottom of the camera, and there is also strong glue under the bracket, so you can stick the wireless indoor security camera to suitable furnitures or wall.





Only use a 5V 1A charger to charge the camera, exceeding this power may cause permanent damage to the battery.
Please keep it charged when connecting Wifi for the first time.
Micro SD card is not included in the package, please buy an extra if you need(maximum extensible to 128G).

Battery camera can be a little hot in working, it’s a normal phenomenon. This products have passed rigorous testing.
Long time no use, please fill the battery before use and charge at least once a month.
Working temperature at 0-45 degrees celsius, preferably at room temperature.

Do not put the product in damp working environment, and the product does not have waterproof function.

Do not use it under strong magnetic field and strong electric field.

Package Includes

1x Indoor Security Camera
1x Bracket
1x USB Charging Cable

No Matter Where You Are,Enjoy the Good Time Together through Phone App



With Scoornest indoor video camera,you can view the real-time surveillance video through your mobile phone, and you can see the situation in your home, office or car even if you are far abroad. If a micro SD card ( not included) is inserted, the app also automatically saves all videos, allowing you to play back and view slowly.

This surveillance camera can not only be viewed by one person, but also shared with others, even if they are far apart, you can share a good time together. The growth of babies, the care of the elderly, and even the play of pets are all worth documenting and maintaining together.

✅ UPGRADED INDOOR SECURITY WIRELESS CAMERA: Scoornest Indoor Security Camera is small in size, but it can meet the functions you need for daily use. This wifi camera has powerful functions such as adjustable angle, built-in magnets can be installed anywhere, 1080P resolution, infrared light, charging while working, 24/7 recording, iOS and Android compatible, you can view the happenings in real time from the designed phone app. It protects your safety and property no matter where you are.
✅ ALL TIME RECORDING HOME MONITOR: Equipped with IR night vision light, this security camera will show black and white night vision image at night, which can bring you a good experience even at night. What’s more, you can watch the video remotely through the APP, even if you are far away from the indoor camera, you can see the live event clearly. With it, no matter day or night, as long as you turn on the baby monitor camera, you will be able to know what happened in time.
✅ BATTERY OPERATED OPTIONAL WIFI CAMERA: This wireless camera has a built-in high-quality 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last for about 2 hours.And because it is wireless, the installation place will not be restricted by wires, and can be placed in a suitable location as needed.Except this, you can insert a micro SD card (not included)into this camera to record videos without WiFi!Even if the home or office is powered off or there is no internet, it can be used normally!
✅ 1080P NIGHT VISION CAMERA: Thanks to 1080P and 150° wide-angle lens, the security camera can clearly capture details, giving you a better viewing experience of what’s going on. And this video surveillance device equipped with invisible infrared lights for night vision viewing up to 16 feet away. The perfect combination of the above functions makes it serve you better as a surveillance security camera for home, pets, cars, etc.
✅ NEWBIE-FRIENDLY AND EASY TO INSTALL: This optimized pet camera from Scoornest removes some complicated installation and mode setting buttons. You just need to fully charge and turn it on, then connect this wireless wifi camera which is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Complicated setup procedures? nonexistent! It is very friendly for those who use indoor surveillance cameras for the first time.

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