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Quordle today – tips and answers for Wednesday 20 September (game no. 604)

It’s time for your daily dose of Quordle tips, plus answers for both the main game and the Daily Sequence spin-off.

Quordle is the only one of many Wordle clones that I’m still playing now, about 18 months after the daily word game craze hit the Internet, and with good reason: it’s fun, but also difficult.

Plus, its creators (now the Merriam-Webster online dictionary) are keeping it updated in the form of a variant called Daily Sequence, which sees you complete four puzzles consecutively, rather than at the same time.

But Quordle is hard, so if you already find yourself looking for Wordle hints, you’ll probably need them for this game too.

I’m a Quordle and Wordle fanatic and have been playing since December 2021, so I can definitely help you solve Quordle today and improve your game for tomorrow. Read on for my Quordle tips on game #1. 604 and the answers to the main game and the daily sequence.

SPOILER WARNING: Information about Quordle today is below, so don’t read on if you don’t want to know the answers.

Your Quordle expert

Marc McLaren
Your Quordle expert

Marc McLaren

Marc is EliteViser’s UK Editor-in-Chief and has been playing Wordle and Quordle for over a year. He has authored dozens of articles on the game for EliteViser and sister site Tom’s Guide, including a detailed analysis of the most common letters in each position. His winning streak at the Wordle recently reached the 500 mark and he will be inconsolable if he loses it. Yes, he takes everything too seriously.

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 1 – Vowels

How many different vowels are there in Quordle today?

The number of different vowels in Quordle today is 4*.

*Note that by vowel we mean the five standard vowels (A, E, I, O, U), not Y (which is also sometimes counted as a vowel).

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 2 – total vowels

What is the total number of vowels in Quordle today?

The total number of vowels in today’s Quordle answers is 7.

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 3 – repeated letters

Do any of today’s Quordle answers contain repeated letters?

The number of Quordle answers containing a repeated letter today is 1.

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 4 – total letters

How many different letters are used in Quordle today?

The total number of different letters used in Quordle today is 13.

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 5 – uncommon letters

Do the letters Q, Z, X or J appear on Quordle today?

• NO. None of the answers Q, Z, X or J appear in today’s Quordle answers.

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 6 – initial letters (1)

Do any of today’s Quordle puzzles start with the same letter?

The number of today’s Quordle answer starting with the same letter is 2.

If you just want to know the answers at this stage, simply scroll down. If you’re not ready yet, here’s another clue to make things a lot easier:

Quordle today (game no. 604) – tip no. 7 – initial letters (2)

What letters do today’s Quordle answers begin with?

• T

• St

• B

• St

That’s right, the answers are below, so DON’T SCROLL ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THEM.

Quordle today (game no. 604) – the answers

Quordle answers for game 604 on yellow background

(Image credit: Merriam-Webster)

The answers to today’s Quordle, game no. 604, I’m…

How did it go today? Send me an email and let me know.

Daily Sequence Today (game no. 604) – the answers

Quordle answers in daily sequence for game 604 on yellow background

(Image credit: Merriam-Webster)

The answers to today’s Quordle daily sequence, game no. 604, I’m…

Quordle replies: The last 20

  • Quordle #603, Tuesday 19 September: WACKY, LAYER, FRUIT, MINER
  • Quordle #602, Monday 18 September: SWEAR, humbly, STAY, SHOCKED
  • Quordle #601, Sunday 17 September: SCRUB, DUSTY, QUOTH, UNCLE
  • Quordle #600, Saturday 16 September: FLAGER, ALTAR, YACHT, TROVATOR
  • Quordle #599, Friday 15 September: PISCES, DRAKE, TAURUS, SMOTE
  • Quordle #598, Thursday 14 September: CHEST, RIVER, THERE, EMCEE
  • Quordle #597, Wednesday 13 September: GUESS, MICRO, DROOP, ELATE
  • Quordle #596, Tuesday 12 September: CYNIC, EASTER, CACTUS, TOWER
  • Quordle #595, Monday 11 September: RECUT, AVAGITY, COVERAGE, METER
  • Quordle #594, Sunday 10 September: TRAIN, MORE MATURE, BLACK, SCRAM
  • Quordle #593, Saturday 9 September: BRIDE, INFIRM, STATE, SUITE
  • Quordle #592, Friday 8 September: SOAP, STALL, RAYON, CIVIC
  • Quordle #591, Thursday 7 September: CAROUSEL, RIVER, PENNY, CHALK
  • Quordle #590, Wednesday 6 September: POLKA, THROW, MAGIC, SPURT
  • Quordle #589, Tuesday 5 September: DRY, SHAPED, MUSKY, BULL
  • Quordle #588, Monday 4 September: RIPER, ROWER, RUMBA, FJORD
  • Quordle #587, Sunday 3 September: SLUMP, CROOK, REVUE, MUSKY
  • Quordle #586, Saturday 2 September: REVUE, FIGHT, BINGO, SERIF
  • Quordle #585, Friday 1 September: BLOCK, SULKY, VOCAL, IDEAL
  • Quordle #584, Thursday 31 August: FINALE, VOICE, TAILGATE, TWANG

Quordle FAQ: Everything you need to know

What is Quordle?

While Wordle challenges you to guess a new five-letter word every day, Quordle presents you with four puzzles to solve. And instead of completing them one after the other, you do it simultaneously. You have nine choices, instead of Wordle’s six, but otherwise the rules are very similar.

You can play online via Quordle website and you can also access it via the file Merriam-Webster siteafter the dictionary bought Quordle last year.

As with Wordle, the answers are the same for every player every day, meaning you’re competing against the rest of the world. And as with Wordle, the puzzle resets at midnight, so every day you have a new challenge.

The website also includes a practice mode, which I highly recommend using before trying the actual game! – and there are daily stats including streak count. You also get Quordle Achievements: specific badges for winning a game in a certain number of rounds, playing the game many times, or guessing particularly difficult words.

Oh, and it’s hard. Really difficult.

What are the Quordle rules?

Quordle’s rules are almost identical to those of Wordle.

1. The letters that are in the answer and in the right place turn green.

2. Letters present in the answer but in the wrong place turn yellow.

3. The letters that are not present in the answer become grey…

4. …BUT the word you guess appears in all quadrants of the puzzle at the same time, so an A might turn green in one square, yellow in another, and gray in the last two.

5. The answers are never plural.

6. Letters may appear more than once. So if your guess includes two letters of the same letter, they could both become yellow, both green, or one could be yellow and the other green.

7. Each guess must be a valid word in the Quordle dictionary. You can’t guess ABCDE, for example.

8. You don’t need to include the correct letters on subsequent attempts, and there is no equivalent of Wordle’s Hard mode.

9. You have nine chances to find Quordle answers.

10. You must complete your daily Quordle before midnight in your time zone.

What is a good Quordle strategy?

Quordle needs to be approached in a different way than Wordle. With four puzzles to solve in nine tries, you can’t blindly throw letters and expect to win – you’ll have a much better chance if you think strategically.

This is obviously the case in Wordle too, but it’s even more important in Quordle.

There are two key things to remember.

1. Use different starting words

First, you won’t just want a single initial word, but almost certainly two or three initial words.

The first of these should probably be one of the best starting words in Wordle, because the same things that make them work well will apply here too. But next, you should select another or perhaps two words that use many more of the more common consonants and include the remaining vowels.

For example, I currently use STARE > DOILY > PUNCH. Collectively, these three words use 15 of the 26 letters of the alphabet including all five vowels, Y, and nine of the most common consonants (S, T, R, D, L, P, N, C, and H). There are many other options – you might want to put an M, B, F or G in place of the H, perhaps – but something like this should be fine.

Hopefully this will give you a good clue as to what one or sometimes two answers might be. If not, good luck!

2. Narrow things down

Secondly, if you are faced with a word whose answer could easily be one of several options, for example -ATCH, where it could be MATCH, BATCH, LATCH, CATCH, WATCH, HATCH or PATCH, we recommend that you guess a word that could narrow the options.

In Wordle, you can instead try several in succession and hope that one is right, assuming you have enough guesses left. It’s risky, but sometimes it works. Plus, it’s the only option in Hard mode. But in Quordle, this will almost certainly result in failure: you simply don’t have enough assumptions.

In the above scenario, CLAMP would be a great guess, as it could point the way to four of the seven words at once.


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