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Test Super Mario Bros Wonder

release date, characters, gameplay… all about the new Mario 2D for Nintendo Switch

Recently made official by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the brand new chapter of the famous saga born in 1985 in Japan on a certain Famicom. The game signed by Nintendo will be based on this good old traditional 2D gameplay, but adding a good dose of modernity and novelty to seduce players, with the added possibility of playing up to 4 locally, on the sofa in the living room. .

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A brand new 2D Super Mario in 2023!

Initially launched in 1985 on the Famicom, the Super Mario Bros saga has never ceased to seduce gamers for almost 40 years… First with a series of 2D games (up to Super Mario World on Super Nintendo ), then in 3D, with Super Mario 64 of course, then Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy… In 2023, players will be able to reconnect with the origins of the saga, with a new work that smells of 2D.

With this new episode on Nintendo Switch, the Japanese group intends to bring together all generations of players, from the youngest to the most experienced (old?) who will be able to play together in this new episode. Playable up to 4 on a single Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros. Marvel obviously allows you to manage this dear Mario, but also Luigi, Peach, Daisy or even good old Toad.

When will Super Mario Bros. be available? Wonder?

The brand new Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be officially available on October 20th.

Mario Bros. Wonder

We recall that already in May 2006 Nintendo relaunched the side “Super Mario 2D from our childhood” with the excellent New Super Mario Bros, on Nintendo DS, after various works that gave pride of place to 3D.

Where to play Super Mario Bros. Marvel?

Like the recent Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

The game will obviously be compatible with the classic console and the Lite version, but also with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Super Mario Bros. Marvel: Price and Collector’s Edition

As for the price, no surprises, this new Super Mario Bros. Wonder is priced at €59.99.

Mario Bros Marvel box

The game is available in physical version, in cartridge format, but can also be purchased digitally, via the Nintendo eShop store. Some retailers, such as Amazon, currently offer the game for only €44.99.

At the moment, Nintendo has not announced any collector’s edition for this Super Mario Bros. Marvelous.

What’s the story (and what’s new)?

In Super Mario Bros. Marvel, players will discover a completely new feature, with the arrival of “beautiful flowers”. These will allow you to benefit from new powers, aimed at turning things upside down to create moments that are as spectacular as they are unexpected! We obviously imagine that the goal will be to thwart the evil plans of the infamous Bowser for the umpteenth time.

Super Mario Wonder Elephant

Among the expected novelties, we will be able to see pipes come to life, Mario’s body lengthen, but also sow chaos like a giant spiked ball and witness many other wonders, such as the possibility of crossing imposing purple hippos or even transforming into… a elephant. The match shows a little more from the side”psychedelic” compared to its predecessors, while maintaining the DNA of Super Mario Bros.

The game also features highly curated faces that are more expressive than ever. We are obviously counting on Nintendo to offer very smooth animations, with the added benefit of various onomatopoeias and other on-screen texts, which are also quite new for a Super Mario. Also keep in mind that this Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be the first to not benefit from the official voice of the plumber: Charles Martinet.

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