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An Intel Core i7-13700K inserted into a motherboard

Reseller listings suggest that Intel’s next-generation CPUs may arrive sooner than expected

Intel’s next generation processors have been spotted on a reseller’s list earlier than expected, given the widely rumored launch date of (later in) October.

AS Tom’s hardware relationships, Telemarta Ukrainian retailer, has listed a number of “K” series Raptor Lake Refresh processors in its store (models that are unlocked and can be overclocked and are expected to be the first products released by Intel).

Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K and Core i5-14600K were the models listed – that and their KF variants, which lack integrated graphics. There’s no pricing information at this point, but we’ve seen a few specs listed that are in line with what rumors have suggested in the past.

That is to say, these 14th generation CPUs will be 200MHz faster than their predecessors in terms of boost speed (in most cases, anyway, with maybe one or two exceptions that drop to a mere 100MHz boost).

Additionally, the 14700K is shown as the only chip to increase core count, with Intel adding four more efficiency cores, again as rumored multiple times in the past. (Those efficient cores are the low-power ones, so they won’t make a huge difference, but they’ll help as extra horsepower for tougher multi-core tasks, and admittedly, this CPU will be a strong candidate for our best processors list.)

Analysis: Proceed with great caution

Naturally, these Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs aren’t available for pre-order, nor do they come with a placeholder price, but their very appearance suggests that perhaps Intel’s on-sale date might be a little closer than we thought.

Currently, the expectation is for an October launch for 14th generation processors and likely a mid to late time frame during that month. Seeing the listings now, about two months ahead of the supposed release schedule, could be a hint that the next-generation models could arrive in early October.

Or it could simply be a retailer accidentally and purposely jumping the gun to grab some limelight – as is always a possibility, especially when multiple smaller retailers reveal these kinds of leaks (this isn’t about after all). Best Buy or Newegg). So, we’d add a lot of caution – a double serving – here.

Time will tell, but it’s fair enough to say that this is at least a hint that Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh processors may be arriving a little sooner than expected — or certainly that they’re on track. At least the first batch of “K” models, as the other non-K processors (those that can’t be overclocked) aren’t expected until early next year.

These are the on-sale dates, remember: the initial Raptor Lake Refresh announcement will arrive earlier, supposedly at Intel’s Innovation event (on Sept. 28), in just a month.

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