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RSS feeds haven’t inundated anyone yet

RSSIf you visit blogs regularly, you will surely have come across the “RSS”, “XML” icon (usually a small orange or blue rectangle at the bottom of menus) or even “Syndicate this site” quite often.
Kezako? An invitation to collect your card at CGTCFDTFO?
Not at all: the RSS Feeds are – to put it short and concise – automatically generated news feeds in XML language, which allow you to subscribe to information on a site without having to visit it each time. These streams can be retrieved by the Internet user thanks to a small, often free, software called RSS reader or aggregatorand updates are automatic: when a site has generated new information in relation to your last visit, it appears in bold with an icon indicating that you haven’t read it yet (a bit like a new email in Outlook).
You therefore have the possibility of subscribing to various blogs or news sites that offer an RSS feed and thus receive news in the form of headlines directly in your aggregator, without having to open your Internet browser, let alone access the sites in question.
If you read this blog regularly, I recommend subscribing to its RSS feed, it will make your life much easier.
This is especially relevant if you do a little internet monitoring and visit different news sites every morning – you’ll save valuable time subscribing to RSS feeds, not to mention ease of use.
Well, why am I telling you about this all of a sudden? Quite simply because the explosion of blogs has largely contributed to the banalization of RSS feeds, and this in blogosphere we tend to overestimate the level of knowledge of web tools for the average internet user.
However, it turns out that there is still a long way to go from trimming to lips, according to a recent study by Pew-Internet made in the USA but certainly transposable to our regions indicates that only 9% of American Internet users know what an RSS feed is. This is where we see the gap between web “actors” and internet users.
This is also why I write to you here: to talk about my passion for the web, my work and new technologies, but also to convey a bit of all this to you, trying not to forget to explain some of it to you from time to time. of these concepts that may seem a bit abstract and yet are the very essence of the Internet and its permanent movement.
What I talk about many times.

Useful links :
Syndicate on Wikipedia
– Overview of RSS feed readers (aggregators) in this JDN article
– If you use firefoxyou can install the extension (free) Wisewhich will integrate an RSS reader directly into the Firefox menu (a gem, this is the solution I use).


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This Domain is For Sale