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Skype co-founder fears artificial intelligence is spawning killer robots

Skype co-founder fears artificial intelligence is spawning killer robots

During an interview, the co-founder of Skype expressed concern about the rapid development of artificial intelligence. He believes that artificial intelligences could be able to dominate humans in the management of the planet and even slaughter them.

Many artificial intelligence (AI) experts and tenors have reservations about its rapid and unregulated development. Forums bringing together many signatories have been published since the early months of the generative AI wave, starting with ChatGPT, with the public. Among the people who are not particularly enthusiastic about these AIs is Jaan Tallinn, one of the co-founders of Skype. Also known for having participated in the development of the file sharing application peer to peer Kazaa, fears that uncontrolled AI will lead to dire circumstances. In 2017, the engineer had also participated in the production of a short film on the consequences of their use. baptized Slaughterbots, as a killer robot, showed robots intended to be piloted by AIs. They killed according to criteria derived from social media profiles or biometric data, people who did not meet the standards set by their algorithms.

The short film Slaughterbots projects us into a world where artificial intelligence escapes humans and turns robots into killers. © Dust

Towards the killing of robots

He is in an interview with The bottom line FromAl Jazeera that Jaan Tallinn wanted to relate the current development of artificial intelligence to the consequences he staged in his film. A few months ago, the Institute for the Future of Life gathered petitioners and called for a break in giant AI experiments. Tallinn happens to be well positioned on the subject, because it is one of the founders of this institute that works on existential threats. For him, while the human being permanently controls this planet, he embarks on a race to hand over this asset to the machines. And that’s not a good idea at all… What scares him is also the introduction of artificial intelligence in the military. However, the scientist issued a warning by noting that Europe is indeed working on specific standards for AI. He also believes that results generated by AIs should be systematically labeled as such. Likewise, he wants certification to be established for the processing of data used by data centers specifically for artificial intelligence. The problem is that AIs are likely to be a big step forward in implementing their standards.

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