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Skype Video: Coming Soon?

SkypeYou might have noticed, I’m just a little fan of new technologies and everything related to them (gadgets, applications). And like any self-respecting geek, I should also have a Skype account.

I should, except no, I don’t have a Skype account.
For what ? Simply because I don’t see the point, simply because I don’t need it, because I call very little and above all at a local level.
But things could change: several sources indicate that the next version of Skype should integrate video, and above all be compatible (with video therefore) with smartphones and PDAs with Windows Mobile.
This should mean that with a device like my Qtek 9100 Wifi it will be possible not only to make calls, but also to make video calls, for free via Wifi for example, without spending a fortune with a specific Visio subscription still offered at a discounted price. reasonable price” or by the operators.
Naturally the 9100 does not have a front camera, but this future possibility of making videos and sending images in streaming directly to the PC opens up very interesting prospects in my opinion.
Conclusion: Soon I will also have a Skype account and I will adapt.
We cannot escape our geek destiny…

UPDATE 11/30: this is confirmed AND It seemed imminent.


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This Domain is For Sale