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Soulslinger: Envoy of Death

Soulslinger: Envoy of Death receives a new trailer revealing the brutal FPS action in the arena

Soul Thrower: Envoy of Death has received an official trailer highlighting how this brutal, fast-paced arena FPS action title will perform, and things are looking promising. The title will enter early access towards the end of this year.

If you are a fan of the best FPS games you will want to keep them Soul Thrower: Envoy of Death on your IL radar latest official trailer revealed at Gamescom 2023 showcases the rogue elements of the title combined with shooting action as the cowboy protagonist takes on hordes of undead creatures armed only with a revolver and other conventional firearms from the old days.

Some comparisons can be made with the likes of Destiny AND Painkiller, which adds some useful tricks. You’ll pass through portals and enter dense, densely detailed environments that feel suitably dark and bleak. In true old-school FPS fashion, a super shotgun is revealed towards the end that literally rips demons, skeletons, and other enemy types apart, piece by piece, as they burst to pieces.

Boss fights have also been revealed, with super-powered enemies swinging massive life bars. in a symmetrical match against the ‘Fire Guard’ and ‘Lightning Guard’ complete with wide area attack moves that include spinning plasma ball projectiles that must be nimbly avoided. Clearly, there are some interesting ideas that play into genre conventions.

Adding rogue-lite elements to shooters can give them a level of replayability and unpredictability that you don’t typically get from more scripted corridor shooters. The indie scene has followed this idea in recent years and includes titles such as Heavy bullets AND Strafing. However, these are highly stylized games that don’t push graphical fidelity quite as much as Soul Thrower: Envoy of Death which is based on Unreal Engine 5.

That would mean it’s more comparable to Prey: Mooncrashan expansion for Arkane’s Prey which is one of the few big-budget titles in the genre. Whether Elder Games’ shooter will measure up remains to be seen. We’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if it has what it takes to be considered one of the best roguelike games when it enters Early Access later this year.

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